28 Ways to Market Your Small Business Online for Free

A lot of smart business owners are intrigued about how the internet can help them market their products and services better. Thanks to technology, there are now unlimited opportunities for small business owners to efficiently promote their business online. While there are both paid and free ways to do it, we suggest you get started with the free resources first. These will help you get an initial audience and will also help you understand how various online platforms work.

Here are 28 ways you can promote your small business online. All of these free and well proven methods to getting noticed online.

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Facebook Working On New Timeline Design

facebook timeline design

Facebook is working on making some changes to it’s recently rolled out Timeline profile pages.

“The new look creates subtle but noticeable changes to the top of user profiles, chiefly moving the user’s name, home location, occupation, education, and other basic information into a layer of text atop the “cover photo,” the widescreen image that serves as the backdrop for a user’s profile. The text has been changed to white to stand out against the dark colors of a user’s cover photo.”

I’m a big fan of the new Timeline design. This looks kind of good. Not sure if I’m a fan of the name, home location, education etc. fields moving inside the cover photo, not sure if everyone would appreciate them intruding their creatively placed cover photos.

The most interesting part worth noticing here, especially for marketers, is:

“The new view also adds a whole new tab on a user’s profile, the “Summary,” which when clicked, shows a list of the major “Life Events” of the user. The “Likes” section of a user’s profile has been changed to read “Favorites.”

Likes would now be called Favorites. There’s also a little tab for it on the profile page. This could let users browse through all the things that they’ve liked on a single page. This, if real, could be amazing from a user’s perspective. As of now anything I like gets buried in my newsfeed.

There’s still no word from Facebook on when this would be rolled out for all users. They are currently testing the new design on a small set of users.

Google Adsense Releases Revenue Share

google adsense check
Google Adsense has released some interesting numbers recently. The awesome Adsense team has shared the revenue shared amongst the Google Adsense publishers and of course Adsense. Google Adsense for content Adsense for search are two major Adsense products.

Google Adsense claims that they share 68% of the revenue for Adsense for content with it’s publishers worldwide. This means that whatever revenue Google Adsense earns from advertisers it shares 68% of that revenue with it’s publishers. That’s more than 50% of the entire earnings. Google Adsense claims the money it keeps for itself is to maintain it’s operations including software development and logistics.
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