What are some apps you just can’t live without?

We started with phones that came with just 8GB of memory. From there we’ve moved on to 64GB, 128GB, and now even 256GB worth of memory on phones. No matter how large the capacity goes, you’ll still end up filling your phone with all sorts of apps and media. And why not, right?

After a point of time you realise it’s just noise. Noise that’s keeping you away from being slightly more productive. Noise that keeps you hooked to a glass based display when you should be paying more attention to other things in life. Can we cut down on this noise? Yes, to an extent. We can. We will. We should.

I decided to do a little experiment. I reset my iPhone and set it up as a new phone with stock apps. I told myself I won’t start installing apps until and unless I felt the absolute need for one. I’ll then install apps based on pure need, with each passing day.

15 minutes into the experiment and I ended up installing Tweetbot 4 first. WhatsApp was next since I was expecting a few messages already. I’ve been highly active on Snapchat lately so that was the obvious next choice. That was all for the first day.

The next morning I felt the urge to browse through my Instagram timeline. So I went down that black hole. Facebook was next. Then came the banking apps. YouTube for cartoons for the little one in the house. That was it. I’ve started using the default mail app instead of Spark for some reason, and it’s going pretty well.

The other obvious app I can’t live without has to be Amazon. For those who know me it’s like my oxygen. If there was one app, and only one app I could keep on my phone, it would be Amazon. Can’t imagine life without it now. For other stores (and price comparison) I can just browse the web on Safari.

So that’s my story. What are some of the apps you can’t live without?