Oscar Nominations – Short Film Kavi makes it!

oscar nominations kaviThe Oscar nominations were just announced a few moments ago. I managed to catch the live feed on a national news channel. As usual this year’s Oscar nominations have come up with the usual expectations with a few surprises here and there. An interesting entry to the best short film category is Kavi. It’s a short film made on slavery in India.

Kavi is a film about an Indian boy who is forced into slavery. The film by Gregg Helvey is a part of his USC thesis project. The film is a 19-minute fictional tale of child labor in India. As per Gregg, the film is an attempt to make an entire feature film on the subject with this short film as the basis. I haven’t seen the movie but the trailer has certainly got me interested.
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To My Dear Emma, with love!

emma watson song
Dear Emma Watson,

When I first saw you,
I knew I was in love…
Deep inside I asked myself,
is there any age restriction on it…
My heart said go boy go…
I’m sure it was you,
I knew it was you..you..you

Oh Emma Emma Emma,
my super little Emma…
You blew me away!
Oh Emma Emma Emma,
What’s so special about you?
You make me wanna chew you away!
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