The Great Indian Festive Season Sale 2016

Diwali offers on electronics

Diwali is certainly the Indian Christmas. There’s joy all around and everyone is happy to empty their wallets and bank accounts. For years offline retailers have tried to make the most out of it. The growing Indian e-commerce scene is throwing them away from consumers’ shopping goals quickly.

There three major festive season sales that are worth checking out this year are:

  1. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale (October 1-5)
  2. Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale (October 2-6)
  3. Snapdeal Unbox Diwali Sale (October 2-6)

Who doesn’t like a great discount and a no-nonsense shopping experience?

This year the stakes are even higher. Major online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are pushing themselves to go even further. The goal is to get as many sales as possible. Diwali shopping accounts for the maximum sales for these online retail giants in the country.

Almost all major players have poured in millions in cash, added new warehouses, and streamlined logistics operations to ensure customers get a smooth overall experience. The last couple of festive season sales have helped provide a decent amount of feedback for online retailers.

It’s a great time for consumers to enjoy shopping online. There’s going to be a good number of deals and offers available across all product categories. Some of the products that sell the most during these sales include smartphones, LED TVs, tablets, laptops, fashion apparel, computer accessories, etc.

This year Flipkart has laid out several specific days on which different offers will open for multiple categories. Snapdeal is likely to open all offers on the first day, and Amazon will do the same. All the deals will start going live at midnight. These sales will involve both time bound as well as daily deals. The best deals during these festive season sales will be available on a limited stock only. Make sure you don’t waste time thinking.

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Happy shopping!

Amazon Launches Marketplace In India

amazon india

After months of speculations, intense fear in the Indian e-commerce space and possible conspiracy theories – Amazon has finally launched its marketplace in India. Amazon cannot directly sell as of now but it’s a start. And I’d say a good one. It’s obvious the company has spent a lot of time before jumping towards the launch, especially from all the work that went into Junglee.

Junglee probably connected Amazon to a ridiculous number of sellers – both online and offline. No wonder you can find multiple sellers for almost every product listed on Amazon. While that’s an obvious thing for any marketplace, it shows how sellers are confident Amazon will bring them profits.
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Buying On Flipkart? Wait A Second…


The days are finally here. Flipkart has finally started showing multiple vendors for products on its site. This brings Flipkart from being a simple online retailer to a huge marketplace with a massive customer base. The company has been ironing out a few legal kinks recently, as I’ve been told, and this is also a part of the company’s “expansion” strategy.

For the consumer it means that you’ll be able to choose from multiple vendors for a single product. Now this is where it gets tricky. Each vendor can offer their own price for any particular product. Also, every vendor has their own feedback (registered by customers) just like the ones you see on eBay, replacement policy (very different from the usual Flipkart policy), shipping times and terms of service.

So the next time you buy a product on Flipkart and wonder why it sucked or didn’t ever arrive on time – blame it on these vendors. Flipkart has set very high standards for online retailers and these vendors are going to screw things up. No matter how hard Flipkart pulls their ears with service contracts and guidelines, things are about to turn sour.

You have been warned.

Flipkart’s Online Music Store Could Threaten Piracy

flipkart flyte

Flipkart finally launched its online digital store today. They’re calling it ‘Flyte‘ with a tag line of ‘The Digital Store’. The USP? Prices for songs start at Rs. 6. You can buy songs and albums online, download them to your computer and sync the DRM-free mp3 songs to any of your devices. Being DRM-free the files you buy and download from the store would play on any device.
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Flipkart starts selling movies, music and games


Popular online book seller Flipkart has decided to expand. Flipkart has now started selling movies, music and games online on their website. From what I have seen so far Flipkart is selling both Hindi and English movies (DVDs), Bollywood and international music CDs apart from games. They have games based on all major gaming console platforms today. Very cool indeed!
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5 Online Indian Book Stores Reviewed

online book store india review
E-commerce has come of age in India. Online book stores in India are making the most of it. From the times when people were too shy to give out their credit card numbers to spending a major part of their income in buying online. Indians have finally realized the importance of buying online. Apart from other things, books remain on the top. It makes sense to buy books online rather than the conventional way. One, it’s easier to look for the book that you want to buy and two, it’s much cheaper when you buy online. The low prices, free shipping and a large numbers of books available online have turned people like me to buy books online only.

Here’s a review of the top 5 online Indian book stores. Let me assure you there’s no official ranking involved, I call these the top 5 based on a number of factors. Also I have not listed them in any particular sequence/ranking here, the top 5 here means that all the five stores reviewed below are all at the same level. I wanted to do this for quite sometime now but I wanted to a proper review only after making a purchase. So I’ve reviewed FlipKart, Infibeam and Indiaplaza while Ishtleen has reviewed Landmark and The Oxford Book Store. The basis for ranking is based on ; User Interface, Prices, Availability, Customer support, Shipping. We’ve also reviewed the pros and cons of each book store.
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