5 Features I Want From Project Natal

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project natal sensor

Now I’m not much of a gamer but I’d love to get my hands on a slick gaming console even if it’s just for causal gaming purposes. I had my eyes on Nintendo Wii for quite some time and then my friends wanted me to buy Mixrosoft Xbox 360 console instead. While I was in the confused state of mind I came across the Microsoft Project Natal. Now that is something that could bring the gamer out of a lazy arse like me. Project Natal is a highly futuristic gaming concept developed at Microsoft or I might say it’s being currently developed at Microsoft. Project Natal is due this holiday season and I’m desperately waiting for it apart from the zillions of other gaming fans.

Project Natal involves no gaming controllers, instead you can interact or play games using gestures like hand and feet movement, speaking to the console or presenting objects and stuff that’ll be picked up by the Godzilla or sensors in a tiny console. Now we can only imagine what all Project Natal could do with this. So here’s my list of five features I’d love to have in Project Natal.
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Facebook Gets a Twitter Retweet-like Feature

facebook retweet screenshot

Facebook has once again gone the Twitter-like way. Facebook has now introduced a feature that is similar to Twitter’s retweet function. The new feature has now gone live for all Facebook users. It only seems to be working for sharing links across a user’s news feed. When you click on share on a link posted by any of your friend on your news feed you are presented with a screen that includes the name of your source. Once you do post the link it appears like this;
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Next-gen iPhone Coming This April?

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fourth generation iphone

Alright Apple iPhone fan boys here’s a scoop. Reports have it that Apple is indeed coming out with a next-generation iPhone and it might debut as early as April 2010. KT, an exclusive iPhone provider in South Korea, has it’s officials claiming that the Apple iPhone next-gen will feature an OLED screen, a removable battery and video chat apart from other enhancements in software and hardware.

A report in the Korea Times claims that the new iPhone will include a dual-core processor, powerful graphics and an even more powerful camera. In case Apple really bundles it’s new device with dual-core processing capabilities, it might hit the 2 Ghz mark using the much anticipated Cortex-A9 processor design from ARM. Now, is Apple going to take a shift from Google’s superphone to powerphone for it’s latest iPhone? Well time will decide!
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Facebook’s New Design Is Coming Soon

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Facebook is now working on a redesign that should come out some time in 2010. Facebook is still working on the new design which shall hopefully increase usability and simplify the user interface. The world’s largest social network (now 350 million users) has a track record of continuously improving itself to suit it’s users requirements. Facebook has been conducting surveys on it’s site and carefully evaluating users feedback on their Facebook Lite design. Most of the new design features are inspired from Facebook Lite. Someone recently tipped off Om Malik of GigaOM about Facebook’s redesign. Let’s take a look at how the Facebook redesign looks so far.
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How To Crop Images in WordPress 2.9 Image Editor

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WordPress 2.9 features a built-in Image Editor which provides basic image editing features. Now it’s not rocket science to use the Image Editor in WordPress 2.9 but somehow the image cropping feature didn’t work out for me initially. What happened was I didn’t know to use it properly. Apart from the other functions such as flipping images, scaling etc. the image crop in the editor works differently. Once you go through this tiny article you’ll discover how silly you and I have been not being able to use image cropping in the WordPress 2.9 editor.

Here’s how it’s done;
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