Facebook’s New Privacy Settings Are Cool

facebook privacy status messageFacebook has recently come up with new privacy settings for all it’s users. In the recent 24 hours it has implemented the new privacy controls across all users you have signed in by taking them to the settings page right after they logged in. I have always been a fan of Facebook’s privacy features. It’s something no social network cared about, a simple yet very important feature, privacy.

Facebook’s new privacy controls are an added advancement to their existing set of privacy features. Implementing privacy across a set of 350 million users who have their own different requirements is not an easy job. Facebook has gone the right way by letting you take full control of all your content on Facebook. Now you can control everything from photos to your status messages, you’re in charge of the who-sees-what world.
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TV on the go with Tata Photon TV is costly!

tata photon plus tv

Bored with social networking on the go? Now watch streaming TV channels on your laptop or desktop. Tata Inidcom has come up with a live TV streaming service called Tata Photon TV. Photon is presently Tata Indicom’s mobile internet access brand with Photon Plus being a broadband version. Photon TV is not different, it’s simply Photon+ with the ability to watch streaming content. The service currently boasts of a total of 40 channels. Tata claims the list of channels will be updated.
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Who wants Google Wave invitations?

google wave invites for free

I’ve been using Google Wave for a couple of weeks now. I see there’s a lot of potential in Google Wave. It’s got to it than what meets the eye. Of course it’ll take time for Google Wave to grow up and become the next big thing. Wave is currently in beta and is available on an invitation-only basis.
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Music Review: Kaminey

kaminey music reviewVishal Bhardwaj is one of my favorite film makers and music composers in the country. He is one dude who knows what he’s doing. Kaminey is Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest flick starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles. Kaminey is one of the most awaited flicks of 2009. Kaminey’s music released today. The lyrics have been penned down by Gulzar and the music has been composed by the director Vishal Bhardwaj himself.

Remember Maachis? Remember Omkara? Vishal Bhardwaj’s music indeed made the films stand out. Kaminey has all those attributes of a typical commercial Bollywood movie, if you go by the promos on national television. Does the music work this time for Vishal? Well let’s check it out!
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