The Great Indian Festive Season Sale 2016

Diwali offers on electronics

Diwali is certainly the Indian Christmas. There’s joy all around and everyone is happy to empty their wallets and bank accounts. For years offline retailers have tried to make the most out of it. The growing Indian e-commerce scene is throwing them away from consumers’ shopping goals quickly.

There three major festive season sales that are worth checking out this year are:

  1. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale (October 1-5)
  2. Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale (October 2-6)
  3. Snapdeal Unbox Diwali Sale (October 2-6)

Who doesn’t like a great discount and a no-nonsense shopping experience?

This year the stakes are even higher. Major online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are pushing themselves to go even further. The goal is to get as many sales as possible. Diwali shopping accounts for the maximum sales for these online retail giants in the country.

Almost all major players have poured in millions in cash, added new warehouses, and streamlined logistics operations to ensure customers get a smooth overall experience. The last couple of festive season sales have helped provide a decent amount of feedback for online retailers.

It’s a great time for consumers to enjoy shopping online. There’s going to be a good number of deals and offers available across all product categories. Some of the products that sell the most during these sales include smartphones, LED TVs, tablets, laptops, fashion apparel, computer accessories, etc.

This year Flipkart has laid out several specific days on which different offers will open for multiple categories. Snapdeal is likely to open all offers on the first day, and Amazon will do the same. All the deals will start going live at midnight. These sales will involve both time bound as well as daily deals. The best deals during these festive season sales will be available on a limited stock only. Make sure you don’t waste time thinking.

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Happy shopping!

Apple iPad V/S Microsoft Surface

apple ipad sales

A survey done during Black Friday this year has revealed that Apple sold 11 new iPads every minute while Microsoft sold zero Surface tablets. Both the stores were located in a close proximity. Microsoft recently launched its new Surface tablet amidst much hype. The tablet runs on Windows RT.

Microsoft is currently in the middle of a major promotional campaign for advertising its new Windows 8 software as well as the newly launched Surface tablet. Sales numbers of both of these aren’t really above Microsoft’s own expectations, it is widely believed.

So why is this happening? I’m guessing this is because people are clueless about what Surface might do for them while its quite clear what all an iPad can do. This doesn’t mean Microsoft won’t sell any Surface tablets. There’s an awareness curve involved and it needs its own sweet time. Apple was lucky with the iPad because it was initially dubbed as “a bigger iPhone”, which somewhat worked for Apple, since people knew what all it could do.

For Microsoft, this is a whole new world. Windows 8 just came out and suddenly it doesn’t look like what people were so used to all this time. Surface runs on Windows RT which looks and feels exactly like Windows 8 but people are still confused. Mostly non-techies that I’ve interacted with have been like – will this run Angry Birds? Can I run my desktop apps with it? Is it like the iPad? Is the Surface better than the iPad?

And then there are people who want to wait and watch, may be let the dust settle down a bit. Even if the Surface gets a price cut it’ll be interesting to see if it works for Microsoft. Surface isn’t still as widely available as the iPad so the numbers aren’t worth comparing as of now. What’s for sure is that it’ll take a lot more than just a billion dollar marketing campaign for people to walk in to Microsoft’s stores and ask for a Surface tablet.

I’m wondering if the sales staff at these Microsoft stores would be scratching their heads once Surface with Windows 8 Pro arrives.