The Great Indian Festive Season Sale 2016

Diwali offers on electronics

Diwali is certainly the Indian Christmas. There’s joy all around and everyone is happy to empty their wallets and bank accounts. For years offline retailers have tried to make the most out of it. The growing Indian e-commerce scene is throwing them away from consumers’ shopping goals quickly.

There three major festive season sales that are worth checking out this year are:

  1. Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale (October 1-5)
  2. Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale (October 2-6)
  3. Snapdeal Unbox Diwali Sale (October 2-6)

Who doesn’t like a great discount and a no-nonsense shopping experience?

This year the stakes are even higher. Major online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal are pushing themselves to go even further. The goal is to get as many sales as possible. Diwali shopping accounts for the maximum sales for these online retail giants in the country.

Almost all major players have poured in millions in cash, added new warehouses, and streamlined logistics operations to ensure customers get a smooth overall experience. The last couple of festive season sales have helped provide a decent amount of feedback for online retailers.

It’s a great time for consumers to enjoy shopping online. There’s going to be a good number of deals and offers available across all product categories. Some of the products that sell the most during these sales include smartphones, LED TVs, tablets, laptops, fashion apparel, computer accessories, etc.

This year Flipkart has laid out several specific days on which different offers will open for multiple categories. Snapdeal is likely to open all offers on the first day, and Amazon will do the same. All the deals will start going live at midnight. These sales will involve both time bound as well as daily deals. The best deals during these festive season sales will be available on a limited stock only. Make sure you don’t waste time thinking.

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Happy shopping!

Amazon Launches Secure Enterprise Storage Service Zocalo


Amazon is now looking to actively compete with the likes of Dropbox and Box in the enterprise storage market. The company today announced the launch of its new service called Zocalo. At its heart, the service is a secure enterprise storage service. The service is available in a limited preview mode to select customers starting today.

According to a statement released by the company, it’s new service is a fully managed, secure enterprise storage and sharing service. Zocalo is packed with strong administrative controls along with feedback capabilities that will fuel productivity.

The company claims that its service allows users to “store, share, and gather feedback on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, webpages, images, PDFs, or text files — from the device of their choice.” Other competitors in this space include Box, Huddle, and even Dropbox. Zocalo will include native apps on iOS and Android to allow customers to access files from possibly any mobile device possible.

As with all things Amazon, the pricing is a killer. It starts at just $5 per month which includes 200GB of storage for every user. There’s a 30-day initial trial for 50 users, and customers will only pay for active accounts in the enterprise.

Users will be able to post comments on files, send feedback for others, and even upload new versions of the file without having to upload multiple versions of a file as an attachment. Since the service is based entirely on the cloud, users will be able to access all the functionality irrespective of their location.

Amazon Zocalo will empower IT administrators with an option to integrate the service with their existing corporate directories, audit logs, flexible sharing policies, and control of the location where their crucial data is being stored.

It’ll be interesting to see if Box, Huddle, or even Dropbox can compete with Amazon around the same pricing and features bracket. The enterprise cloud storage services market is bound to grow even further with more companies entering the market.


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Amazon Launches Marketplace In India

amazon india

After months of speculations, intense fear in the Indian e-commerce space and possible conspiracy theories – Amazon has finally launched its marketplace in India. Amazon cannot directly sell as of now but it’s a start. And I’d say a good one. It’s obvious the company has spent a lot of time before jumping towards the launch, especially from all the work that went into Junglee.

Junglee probably connected Amazon to a ridiculous number of sellers – both online and offline. No wonder you can find multiple sellers for almost every product listed on Amazon. While that’s an obvious thing for any marketplace, it shows how sellers are confident Amazon will bring them profits.
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Boatloads of Amazon Android Tablets Coming

amazon android tablet

Amazon is preparing for a war. I really mean it. If you look at recent news reports, Amazon plans to add 3 million tablets to it’s arsenal. These tablets are all Android based and powered by a dual core processor. The 7-inch tablets would mark Amazon’s entry into the tablet market. Apple already has a major chunk of the market, thanks to it’s iPad.
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Group Buying: Here come the Big Fishes!


If you’ve ever thought about saving some money, like 99% of the world’s population, you’ve given one of these shiny group buying sites a try. As per my assumption most of you already have your own favorites. I love group buying sites or Groupon (and it’s clones) too. But just when you thought the market was getting flooded with deals and more sites that offer these deals, now the big fish are taking a dive too.
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Short Guide to Buying a Kindle in India

amazon kindle in india

Amazon Kindle is the perfect e-book reader ever. Buying one in India is a little painful as of now. Even though Amazon would happily ship it to you, it would involve a customs deposit of a little over $40. This is a little too much for a $139 device. Amazon does give you a refund, if there is any, on the import duty deposit. It still isn’t really the best or a popular way to buy a Kindle if you’re in India.

I recently bought a Kindle on eBay India, giving in to months of temptation. It was one their list of weekly deals and the price was well within my reach. No coupons seemed to have worked on the listing but I was happy to pay for the device. It was shipped to me in 10 business days, as promised by the seller. The seller apparently acquires it from US and then ships it locally in India.
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