Quick Hands On – Samsung Galaxy SIII

samsung galaxy s3

Finally managed to get my hands around the all new Samsung Galaxy SIII. Boy! It does feel super light, much lighter than my Nexus S. Somehow I expected this monster (yes, it’s huge) to weigh slightly heavier. It looks like Note’s younger sibling but I’ll still say it is a little too big to be a phone.

But then in India – bigger is, most of the times, everything. People walk into the store and they look so impressed. They find the specifications amazing, even when they can’t differentiate between a single core and a quad-core processor in terms of performance. It all comes down to value for money. If Indians are paying big bucks – the box better say something amazing about the phone.

As for me, the Galaxy SIII isn’t exactly the kind of phone I’d carry around in my pocket. It’s currently available for around Rs. 36,000-38,000 in the market. A price with which you can easily get a new iPhone 4S (eBay). Or may be even spend a little more to get it from a store.Will you buy?

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