Shopping at Sector 17, Chandigarh!

shopping for clothes apparal at united colors of benetton

It’s called the Sales and Discounts season here. A lot of people shop during this season. I normally go shopping when I run out of clothes. The flashy discounts have a blinding effect. Sales and discounts are a scam people! A lot of people, and when I say a lot of people I really mean it, have recently complained to me that I only wear shirts. That’s when I realized I had only shirts with me! God! What have I turned myself into? So I had to go shopping for some t-shirts. Guys go for shopping when they really have to i.e when they need something. Girls go shopping when they are upset or happy, have to kill time, received salary, change of fashion, end of week and probably any thing that sounds a reason to them. The Sales and heavy discounts are to clear up the old stock so that stores can get rid of them and make way for the new collection. I seriously feel this thing called a new collection is a scam too. So I went to shop at Sector 17, Chandigarh today. It’s my favourite place to shop. You get to choose from a variety of International brands here. Levis, Reebok, Lee Cooper, Puma, Nike, Adidas you name it, they have it! People can go crazy with their shopping at times. The Benetton store put up a sale from 9PM to 11PM for a 50% discount on any item. People just went nuts. They picked up anything that they could get their hand on. There was a huge line-up at billing counter. I couldn’t find anything there. But I did manage to get my hands on some nice offers. Here’s what I bought:

2 Reebok t-shirts
1 Puma t-shirt
1 Puma Cargo Pants
1 Levi’s t-shirt

This may not be too much of a shopping for a girl but it is for me! I finally have some t-shirts people. I am going to wear one tomorrow. I think I’ll get a snap of myself wearing a t-shirt up on Orkut and Facebook tomorrow! I am Tee-Man!

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  1. Join the club mate…I spent two weeks searching for a decent T shirt before finally buying one…I guess I checked out every store in Chandigarh!

  2. I want to ask if the sale in still there on levi’s clothing in sector 17 actually i want to buy sweats with hoods so i have to come to chandigarh specially for that please inform me as soon as possible

  3. hey!!!!!!!! i wont 2 purchase d collar tshirts of levis plz tell me d discount there replly me as early s possible

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