Barista LavAzza

barista lavazza at sector 35 chandigarh

I hate these so called Coffee joints. They are all part of a huge scam. The coffee isn’t worth the money they charge. The Barista LavAzza outlet at Sector 35 is the worst. I have never liked the coffee there. It tastes like crap! Cafe Coffee Day is just around the corner and they have a decent service. Last week I ordered two smoothies with ice-cream at Barista. The dude insisted I have it with ice-cream. Fifteen minutes and I was still waiting for my smoothies to arrive. The dude comes up to me and tells me his blender isn’t working. What the heck? I say it’s fine. I’ll wait. Another ten minutes passed by. What do I see next? The helper walks in with two bricks of Verka ice-cream. Verka ice-cream? Are they trying to kill me or what? So he ran out of ice-cream and made an excuse. Poor blender, sorry I cursed you. The smoothies arrive just two minutes after the ice-cream purchased from a nearby store and brought in. They taste like crap. So finally I have decided to quit trying and giving these folks a chance. I don’t like Cafe Coffee Day too much either but they are better than these morons. In fact the Cafe Coffee Day outlet at Sector 11 is one of the best I’ve been to. Great service. The coffee tastes good too!

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  1. HAHAH!!! rotfl!! VERKA n BARISTA don just fit!!! i never liked barista.. n i heard the 35 ccd got a renovation..!!

    and abt the ccd 11, nah…its no much better either… want some great service n gud coffee..try th ccde manimajra one…just besides hotel solitaire!! or even the pkl ccd is gud!!

  2. They removed the Book Cafe at CCD 35…that’s the ONLY renovation there…I’ll try the Manimajra one tomorrow for sure…!:P

    Hey! Noodle Bar at 26 is great!!!!

  3. Barista at Sector 35 isn’t simply worth the money…you r correct there…even CCD isn’t worth the sugar….as Ankur just said…the Manimajra outlets are better…what the heck is wrong with people…why is everything better at Manimajra?

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