Perfect Guys Don’t Exist. Duh!

perfect guy

On a normal day I go through about 40-50 ‘duh’ moments on the Internet. This has to be the biggest one today. It seems like it’s official now that the much wanted Mr Perfect doesn’t exist. Out of the 2000 women who took part in the poll, none of them were found to be completely happy with their guys. Well I think it’s stupid to even conduct such a poll. I could tell you there’s no Mr Perfect any day.

Let’s assume a certain Mr Perfect does exist. What happens then? I’d say the woman who gets to be with him will kill herself in the first six weeks. May be even four. Sorry to sound so dark but a perfect guy would make it impossible for the women to rant about him. If she can’t bitch about the guy, she can’t have a social life either. If she can’t have a social life, she can’t keep herself away from depression. Simple as that. It also applies vice-versa.

So relax and be happy with the kind of person you’re with right now.

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