North or South? Be an Indian first!


If you haven’t read this open letter today, I’d personally congratulate you for having a productive day. The letter has been addressed to ‘a Delhi boy’ and it’s signed by a Madrassi…err a south Indian girl. The girl seems like she’s totally frustrated with the folks she’s got to put up with in Delhi and that doesn’t come as a surprise to me.

You must be wondering why I’m discussing just another open letter on the web, right? Well in case you’re not a power user of the social media you’re more likely to ask this question. The answer is simple – the girl wrote a letter and it sparked off a series of fireworks across the nation. Yes, right. From the north to the south. The letter has woken up an age old debate where stupid people discuss how north or south is better than one another.

The letter helped this girl generate plenty of hits on her blog (it’s good it was hosted on Blogger). I’m sure she didn’t have the slightest idea how far this one would go. Mind you, social media is even more powerful these days and anything like this is going to get picked up. Apart from visitors on the blog, the link to this blog post spread like fire on both Twitter and Facebook. I’m sure a lot of people shared it widely over IM as well. There were endless Twitter conversations about the same and I don’t even wanna get into the number game now.

A bunch of smart asses have already replied to the girl’s letter. I don’t want to do the same and neither do I want to claim how awesome being North Indian is. All I’d say is if someone from north goes down to the southern part of the country, he/she won’t like the place. At least not initially. It’s not about being Indians but it’s more of human nature. When we leave our comfort zone, it is very hard to get used to a brand new place along with strangers all around you. That’s the time when people really need to play good hosts and live up to what they feel about themselves.

May be it’ll start making more sense when people think of themselves as more of being Indians rather than north or south Indians. We just need to start behaving ourselves and help others who move in to our regions feel comfortable. If this is the case with us being so educated and sophisticated and crap, how do we expect those lower down the chain to behave properly? Get your act together folks and learn to respect everyone.

That’s all for today’s gyaan!

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