A Lokpal For Each of India’s Problems

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Now that the entire nation has come together to fight corruption in the country I thought I can do my bit by suggestion Lokpal-like bills to change our country for the good. Remember corruption isn’t the only problem our country is facing now, there are far bigger problems plaguing our nation and we need to raise our voice now or forever stay silent.

So I am going to propose some brand new bills here to help India become a better place to live. I hope you’ll all agree, in case you don’t please don’t throw stones at the computer screen. It won’t help.


You’re all aware that our country comprises of a majority of youth. If you’re reading this you probably belong to that category itself, if you’re my mother and you’re reading this – I don’t believe in love at all. Anyways you want to ask me how love is a problem by now, well let me explain. The young in the country suffer from this disease and it messes up everything from grades in school to the foundation stone of their career, the college years. If they don’t get any love, they’re too desperate to get hitched. If find love, they have trouble hanging on to it and end up crying and an overdose of pathetic Bollywood romantic tracks leads to suicides.

We need a Love-Lokpal to help end our misery. Anyone can complain if they do not find love within 7 days of attaining the status of ‘single’. To be eligible one must change their status to ‘single’ on Facebook and add an administrative member of the Love-Lokpal body to their friend’s list. That’s just to keep check and they’ll have a strict privacy policy. They won’t sell out personal information from 60% of the country’s population to any mult-imillion dollar corporation.


If you seriously ask me, I’ll say bad drivers and crazy traffic policemen are the second on the list of problems plaguing the country right now. No matter who we are, what we do, we all have to travel by the road at some point or the other during the day. Bad drivers ruin everything for us. They create lanes all by themselves, smash their vehicles into others’ and what not. Some even spit on the road, while driving. As per Drive-Lokpal regulations, anyone can complain about such activity and the penalty imposed shall be nothing less than a lifetime imprisonment for the accused, if found guilty.


Now this is more of a personal request. As a part of the youth segment of the population, I feel neglected and abused by the tech companies not just in India but abroad as well. To start with, the pathetic state of broadband in the country isn’t helping our nation grow. Broadband service providers are the new dictators with FUP policies that are as pathetic as our wives and girlfriends. Tell me sir, how far can a guy go on a 2 mbps line if he is supposed to have restrictions? And I don’t remember the last time any broadband service provider revised their usage fees. Same goes with the mobile service providers. As for the international culprits, I feel I deserve to experience any new technology the same day it is launched and sold in US, Europe, UK or any flashy country/continent. That pretty much says it all.

For the above three I’m ready to sit down on a fast until the above are drafted as per my will and passed in the parliament. Or may be we can settle for something under the table.

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