Hello 2013!


Oh boy! 2013 is already here. This year just flew by, just like all the previous ones. I’ve had this feeling when a semester at college used to wrap up. What? It’s over? Just like that? Same happens each December when suddenly everyone starts writing “best of” stories and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. You know the year is coming to an end.

This year I’m not going to make any resolutions. That’s an easy way to stay away from those end of the year rants about how lazy I was the whole year that I didn’t even finish accomplish a single thing. Now that doesn’t mean I’m just going to keep polishing my lazy arse throughout the year – I’m going to work hard no doubt but it won’t be following up some dreamy list of resolutions. I’d rather setup some SMART goals this year and work towards achieving each of them.

As for the blog – yes, yes I’ll be writing a lot more now. I’ve added a new theme to the blog and I really hope this one is better for your eyes. It’s certainly good for all of your devices though. The new look is a result of a responsive design that ensures you get a good looking site no matter which device you’re using. Of course you don’t have to download an app for this. The theme should look good, if not amazing, on your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone(sorry feature-phones).

2012 was really a happening year to say the least. I made a lot of tough decisions – all good and bad. Time will tell how each of them play out. 2013 will see even crazier times as life moves on. I just hope I can keep the anxiety levels normal. Anyways if you aren’t bored already – thanks for sticking out till the last line. I owe you candies.

Happy New Year, everyone 🙂

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