Breaking Bad – The Indian Walter White

breaking bad poster

Quite a story here. It almost looks like this guy was inspired by the popular TV series Breaking Bad. But I doubt if he’s seen a single episode. The nexus seems pretty strong involving sports stars, top Punjab politicians, cops, NRIs and folks who cannot be named.

The modus operandi seems quite impressive too. Synthetic drugs like methamphetamine produced and then distributed through a tight network regulated and blessed by the very people who were supposed to keep these criminals behind bars.

The Indian Walter White is the former wrestler turned cop turned drug lord — Jagdish Bhola — currently arrested and a police case filed against him. Cops maintain that he wanted to invest the money earned from selling drugs in Bollywood and hotels. Probably even produce the Indian, if not the Punjabi, edition of Breaking Bad some day.

The drugs situation in Punjab is a well known fact. And it is really, really terrible right now. It’ll take more than one Jagdish Bhola behind bars to expose the entire network. Some folks involved wouldn’t even be arrested anytime soon.

Suddenly, a TV show on the same subject seemed so cool. But in the real world, it’s a very difficult thing to imagine.

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