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rockstar hindi film music review

AR Rahman is back with yet another Bollywood soundtrack. Not that he was missed or anything but the double Grammy winner, Indian of the year, composer of countless chicken-soundtracks and of course ‘God of Music’ to many in the country does create a sugary hype around a movie if he’s listed on the titles. Of course I have a special thing for him and so do his fans for me.

Rockstar is an upcoming flick directed by Imtiaz Ali. The film stars actors Ranbeer Kapoor and Nargis Fakhri in lead roles. The lyrics have been penned down by Irshad Kamil. With Rockstar, Rahman has replaced Imtiaz Ali’s favorite Pritam. Whoa! I wouldn’t debate about the movie right now. It is said to be Shammi Kapoor’s last last silver screen appearance. And that just made me pre-book the tickets in my imagination.

Let’s come back to the soundtrack. If you look at the CD cover and track listings, it’s a typical AR Rahman soundtrack. Rockstar is not going to be an exception no matter what. The last soundtrack I reviewed from Rahman was Raavan and that was way back in 2010. I’m sure all analysts, music-pundits and Rahman fanatics would agree that Rockstar’s music is bound to generate sales and rise expectations. Will Rockstar’s music live up to the hype? Will it bring back Rahman from the limbo? I’ll decide.

Track Listing

1. Phir Se Ud Chala

Mohit Chauhan seems like he’s hit it well with Rahman. No points for guessing why – he’s on the vocals for nine tracks in the soundtrack. The first one Phir Se Ud Chala is a typical Mohit Chauhan track. You almost find it hard to locate the AR Rahman touch to the music here. It’s like one of those classic Coke-Pepsi tests, if someone didn’t tell you the composer is Rahman, you would even accept Anu Malik or may be even Pritam. A more than usual track with absolutely nothing special about it. A terrible start to what was supposed to be an exciting soundtrack. No points to Rahman.

2. Jo Bhi Main

And it’s Mohit Chauhan again. This is the track they’ve been promoting all over national television. The lyrics for Jo Bhi Main have a feel-good factor throughout the song. My curiosity increases further, is Rahman outsourcing his music now? This sounds like a classic case of automated music playing in the background. Damn, the Chinese? Two points to Mohit, one to Irshad and none to Rahman.

3. Katiyan Karun

Bollywood now has a thing for Punjabi tunes. 90% of those are typical folks tunes in a loop (eg. jugni [repeat infinitely]). You’d expect something different from Rahman, right? Well he does deliver. Well almost. Katiyan Karun has Harshdeep Kaur on the vocals with Sapna Awasthi backing her up. Harshdeep lives up to the expectations from the song and in fact does a brilliant job. Extra points to Rahman for not making this sound like a typical Pritam-filled Punjabi Bollywood track.

4. Kun Faaya Kun

And the man takes the microphone. Kun Faaya Kun features AR Rahman, Javed Ali and Mohit Chauhan on the vocals. As much as I hate Rahman for his ability to sell soundtracks using pure hype, I like his voice as a singer. On any other day Kun Faaya Kun could have been a tune Rahman pitched for Jodha Akbar. A soft track and that’s what makes it bearable. A neat attempt I must admit.

5. Sheher Mein

Boy this is turning out to be more of a Mohit Chauhan album. Another track sung by him, this time featuring Karthik. The lyrics are kiddish, the music in the background is rather funny but I guess that’s what it was supposed to sound like. Probably a track where they’re showing Ranbeer showcasing himself as a singer in the movie. Surprising how Bollywood directors are ready to screw up the soundtrack like this. Imtiaz could have just stuck to Pritam.

6. Haawa Haawa

This is one huge soundtrack in terms of number of tracks. I have high respect for you if you’ve come this down and are still reading my review. Fill in a comment below and I might courier the CD to you. Haawa Haawa is another Mohit Chauhan track you’ll go on to hate. Right now I feel like smashing my head against the wall. WTF Rahman?

7. Aur Ho

The seventh track turns sour. This one is supposed to be a sad song, you’ll probably be sad enough already by the seventh track in the soundtrack. Boring is still an understatement. You can almost listen to Rahman crying in the background. Is this Rahman or is it Imtiaz making him sound so bad? Let me remind you guys – the movie is called ‘Rockstar’.

8. Tango For Taj

Oh look ma! An instrumental. The best track in the soundtrack so far. I bet Imtiaz doesn’t know about these and Rahman just managed to push these into the track lists secretly.

9. Tum Ko

Kavita Subramaniam! Her voice is just too good to miss. Tum Ko brings back old memories. The music backs her up decently and the lyrics add to the soft-touch feel of the song. A pain reliever is what I’d tag this one with.

10. The Dichotomy Of Fame

Another instrumental. Three points in a row, way to go Rahman!

11. Nadaan Parindey

I’m seriously tired now and I’m making serious typos while writing. Nadaan Parindey is a cool title for a track, may be it could be a cool title for my autobiography. Alright let’s not get distracted everyone. Personally, I love this track. Everything mixes so well, this is what Rahman is all about. Lyrics, vocals and music – it all blends well. Sadly the soundtrack is almost over. There’s still hope as Rahman scores another point with this one.

12. Tum Ho

I wonder if they paid Mohit Chauhan the same amount they paid AR Rahman. Tum Ho is a mediocre track, coming from Rahman. But hey he’s already set a very low standard with all other tracks in the soundtrack. Feel free to skip this song entirely.

13. Sadda Haq

And on the 13th track, Imtiaz slaps himself – the movie is called Rockstar. Rahman has almost taken off all his hair on his head by now. Sadda Haq is the track they’re relying on to work for the movie, supposedly become yet another Bollywood anthem. I don’t know why but this isn’t really cool. The song doesn’t make me wanna watch the movie, neither does it make me feel like Rahman is still the same he used to be. Something is seriously wrong. Or did they ship me the wrong CD?

14. Meeting Place (Based On A Poem By Rumi)

An instrumental to end the soundtrack. Beautiful. My headphones are almost crying out loud for subjecting them to such audio-blasphemy.

My Review:

I’ll just sum it up in very few words – Rockstar’s soundtrack sucks. Except for two tracks and decent instrumentals, there’s nothing Rahman-like with the soundtrack. You’ll be wasting your time, money and bandwidth. Have mercy on your ears and overlook this one. Wait till Rahman gets back to his senses. I’ll rate it 1/5.

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  1. Boss i seriously believe you dont have a taste for music. Being not a Rahman fan, this particular track made me his new fan. The soundtrack is a blended mixture of western and Indian music with a lot of acoustic instruments in contrary to Sufi Rock. Please check out the other pages for reviews and please contact an ENT Specialist as i guess there is some problem with your poor ears

    1. No, Adarsh. I don’t have any taste for music. 

      “The soundtrack is a blended mixture of western and Indian music with a lot of acoustic instruments in contrary to Sufi Rock” 

      WTF are you smoking, dude? 

      And yes I did get consult an ENT specialist and he asked me to stay away from noise. That’s all that I’m doing.

      1. If that’s the case, The ENT specialist you checked is a FAKE doctor (just like you). Please don’t write reviews just for the sake of expressing your S**T load nonsense.

  2. I think you need to go for  ear surgery soon by the mean time take some Neurosurgical test  which is must for your condition.

      1. what r u?? crazy-against-rahman??? now dont say u r crazy for good music and all………every line of your review shows useless anger and dislike for rahman….just keep in mind “JAB HATHI CHALE BAAZAR/ TAB ‘KUTTE’ VOKHE HAZAR !!”
        hope u’ll understand what i want to say, rather finding spelling mistakes in my comment !!

  3.  A R RAHMAN sir is god of music..!! we millions of milions of fans stil loves him.. admire him..!!! ROCKSTAR one of grtest album of Sir ..!! nd mark our w0rd ROCKSTAR music gona b History ..!!gona sweEp al al major awrds sure..!!  ~

      1. i’ve read ur review about “gajini” ……. thats what someone can call a crap!!! seems like u didnt get your lesson yet….
        oh ya, u got a lesson….and now i can see u rating Ravan 5/5 !! hahahahahaha 😀

  4. In India, you can not put a critical review for
    a) AR Rehman
    b) Sachin Tendulkar
    c) Anna Hazare
    Do it and it will be taken as blasphemy.

  5. R u MaD?

    Rahman soundtrack is a slow poison dear, Don’t try your hands on being a critic if u can’t digest Hindi Music,  be appreciable to what Rahman is serving to our industry rather than praising for Pritam who merely copies every other tune. True that the tunes of Pritam are catchy and hit instantly, but no comparison to Mr.Rahman, Rockstar may not be his best among these years but it’s certainly the best OS’t of 2011 after Mausam!

  6. u moron.. stop writing such crap bullshit reviews.. u f***kn retard.. damn all u want is site traffic and thats the fckn reason u come up with such shit load of ur reviews each time degrading my GOD.. now say me.. wtf u know act music?

  7. Is your review after just 1 hearing of the OST? 

    >>Of course I have a special thing for him and so do his fans for me.Is your review a way to get at ARR’s fan? Dude, you need to grow up. 

          1. @harry:disqus , i think u should more concentrate in understanding what people say about your review, instead of finding spelling mistakes in their posts !! I can see whenever u dont hav answers….u just point out some typing error and try to make fun of it !! Is this the culture you’ve learnt from your parents ???

  8. bettre go and listen chammak challoo…4 u its internatiol level of  music…or any punjabi song…1st u r not qualified 4 review song

  9. Hey harry…I dont think tht u have ears for rehman music …plz go and listen to all duplicate stuff by pritham or any malik types…..and stop listening to rehman music….its my personal request.

  10. This is nothing more than trying to grab attention by slamming something dats really good, u have serious psychological pblm dear

    1. Yes of course. I have a problem with my head. Last time I checked, I didn’t blame someone else for not liking stuff that I liked. 

  11. A Volcano of ideas???!! That says it all about yourself 😀 
    You know what, you are definitely a clown!! You look one and also you act like one 🙂

      1. I’m not a rahman fan,but there surely harryjerry is some cheap wannabe trying to get everyone’s attention. I regret I stumbled upon his blog. What I  don’t understand is how one can get pleasure from irritating others. bcoz the only point that tomnjerry writes 1 whole page about the man he hates most is to vex rahman fans. @ Rahman fans: leave this clown to his own misery !!! ignore [email protected] : find some better things to do in life !!! I hope you find atleast one !!!

  12.  I read music reviews to know more about the music… Whether any rag or style of music is used in an innovative way… But sadly most reviews are written by people who are ignorant about music, but can manage to write a few sentences in English. It is just your blog and you have the right and freedom to write whatever u want. But the way it is written doesn’t focus on the music. It is more on the people who created it. I think u achieved what u wanted. Got the attention of ignorant fools like us to read ur stupid blog. Congrats. 

    1. You read reviews to know more about music? I simply listen to more music.

      I’m pretty sure you would have been all thumbs-up if this was a good review. Now you’re just judging my sense of music. You’re right, I don’t have any.

      1.  Yeah,you can’t learn more about that particular music by listening to more music.There is no need for opinions from lay people. I can make my own opinion after listening to that music. But comments from music experts add depth to the understanding of music. 

        Now, who is judging man? . There is absolutely nothing wrong in you not liking the music. But the article is written in a way so as to provoke. You are calling the composer senseless for making music that you don’t like. Then why are u so surprised when others call u senseless  because u don’t like the music  they like.  I think u’ve created a situation where u can pretend to be the defender of the right to opinion like a hero, while the stupid fans of the composer are just ridiculing u and not allowing u to express ur opinion. This is clearly stupid and pointless, if not it adds to your narcissistic supply.
        I just chanced upon this review thanks to google and ur clever choice of tags and words.  Just wanted to help u not repeat such stupid senseless scenarios. There are better and proper ways to express ur opinion.  Take care.

  13. Lol…another one of those losers who wants cheap publicity by taking shots at a legend esp after a soundtrack as epic as ‘Rockstar’ . When the whole world is rating the soundtrack 4 and 4.5 here’s a loser clown who rates it 1. Do us all a favour and stop writing music reviews. Music doesnt seem to be your thing. How many of you think this guy is actually Pritam? Lol, i definitely do. 😛

  14. Absolutely Disappointing album…out of 14 tracks only 4 is good but not
    so attractive and repetitive.I am a big fan of rahman since i have
    heard the music of ‘rosa’.this man with his god gifted ability to create
    awesome music served the film industry for almost two decades.But
    unfortunately this album will be his hatrick failure after yuvraaz and
    jhoota hi sahi.A musical film like rockstar must need superhit songs as
    like the movie ‘rock on’ ,’ life in a metro ‘, both of which had strong
    appeal for class as well as mass.I think it was not a good idea to break
    combination of pritam and imtiaz .It would ok if shankar-ehsan-loy done
    this album.

      1. One fool says “Rosa” instead of  “Roja”. And an even bigger fool(U) likes it. Change the name of ur blog to “Fools Paradise”

  15. I dont understand why you’re so surprised that mohit is featured so much in this album, in a movie about music and an album that is very character driven, you expect the person who plays a singer in the movie to have the same voice all throughout the movie. You cant exactly have 8 people voicing a singer. And if all the criticism you’ve taken for this trash review isn’t a sign that you need to learn to delve a bit deeper into the music and actually get a feel for what it really is, then you are hopeless. I really hope you’re not one of those guys that thinks Sheila Ki Jawani is musical creativity cause then you dont deserve to be writing reviews.  

  16. I thinks that u like all these dhinka chinka music created by pritam copied from other and are suited for playing in melas and chor bazar … First u clarify what is music then review on music….  hopeless bullshit….just FO

  17. Must appreciate you taking time and replying to all comments – Good, Bad and Ugly. 

    Anyway, I think you were too harsh on AR.. he’s God for me and his music is my religion.. but that doesn’t mean that I don’t take criticism against my religion.. I’d agree on a few points.. but overall, it was way too harsh.. especially with aur ho.. listen to the song with bose speakers.. switch off all else.. just breathe and listen.. and you’d appreciate the effort that went in to the track.. it is pure genius.. 

    and one simple request.. please, for heaven’s sake please, do not compare the mozart from madras [ar] with a mocker from mother-of-god-knows-where [pritam].. Now that that’s vented.. I’m on my way to buy the CD.. 🙂

  18. Buwahahaahaa u tweeted to Arrhman that he is losing respect? your respect? Poor chap will be crying, rollin in his bed now! So sad. And so cruel of u!

    1. This is in reply to our Hairy Jerry’s below reply to my comment.

      As I understood by next blog (Got hacked again), u are Technically challenged. So I am gonna explain. U commented on twitter dding the tg @arrahmn. Now this means, u r directly sending a comment to A R rahman. To understand this, I dont have to handle his official account to understand this. Got it?

  19. I just think, you need to listen to the tracks again.
    I agree, the first time you listen to these songs, they may not sound like much.
    But that’s what I thought when I heard, Rangeela, or Taal.
    That said, the music is definitely not exceptional like Rangeela or Taal.
    The Music here is situational
    Or Maybe its just Rahman’s long disappearance from Indian Music?
    By the way … I cant get over the “yeh Duriyan” from Imtiyaz’s last movie – Love Aaj Kal
    Im hoping that this movie does well, and the Music has more impact once some time passses…
    Cheers !!!

  20. Hahahaha I like this review! I can’t believe Imtiaz made the stupid mistake of getting Rahman for a movie called ROCKstar!! Who’s more of a rock composer than his usual favourite Pritam?? Or he could even have gone for Vishal-Shekhar!! I’m not much of a Rahman fan as it is, so definitely giving this track a MISS! 


  21.  Kudos to you for saying as it is…didnt like the OST as it is made out to be my many even after repeated hearing…and I dont have Bose speakers,maybe thats the problem 🙂



  23. Mr. Harry….take ur head outta ur ass and develop a proper taste for music….i m a classically trained singer and can find these songs awesomely composed by Rahman sir….if u r so keen at this then y dont u compose some music and upload it….then i will review it and see what u have got….Every song in this album has some special element in it making the album even more awesome…..U r a big time foodie nd u should concentrate on that and not post senseless reviews which no one even wants to read…may be u r too ideal that u need to criticize everything around u….so kiddo go and learn some classical music and then come….!!!


  25. Stop commenting this review as this poor chap wants that only so that it will come first when you search the Google…. If u have read it by chance…you will understand that this deaf don’t have sense of music and this F is reviewing ARR’s music… So let him be happy with pritam or others.. Just don’t comment…..

  26. no need to say anything on this rubbish review….people are better listners and better reviewers than you…i think ur fan of SRK and pritam(copy cat)…first undersatnd what is music….all of you ignore this review its a bullshit…..Purchase a CD and enjoy ROCKSTAR….my rating 8/10

  27. i pity u harry..cos ny1 who has li’l bit f music sense wud appreciate d quality of ny composer who has created dis sort of music.m sure u’ll b givin 9/10 or 10/10 4 ny piece of shit done by copy cats lik pritam..wondering  y u hav so much grudge against u hav described urself ,stick 2 ur food n  volcano.n dont even try 2 do a job which u cant do..instead try writing reviews abt aalu parate n masala kulcha..jus hop dat wud make som sense..dont make a fool out of urself n make people laugh at u by ur insane reviews..

  28. Who the F**k are you dude.. am laughing so badly after reading your review..  what a rubbish senseless crap is this… you must be undergoing some mental medical treatment..   no words for you..
    I feel so sorry about you.. All the people reading this review must be cursing you so badly… 
    anywayz this review is very funny… I’ve never laughed this much for a review.. 
    keep coming these kinda reviews …  May god save you from all the evil curses of Indian music lovers..
    m/  :peace:

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