Rabbi Shergill’s new album Avengi Ja Nahin!

Rabbi Shergill new album released review songs album download

Rabbi Shergill is finally back with his new album titled Avengi Ja Nahin. His debut album Bulla was an undisputed hit across the nation despite zero money spent on advertising and the only promotion being a brilliant video and word of mouth publicity. His new album was earlier released on the Nokia’s N-Series platform. Rabbi’s new album comprises of nine brilliant tracks. Most of the album has been produced in Milan, Italy. Rabbi has penned down the lyrics and has composed the music for the album himself. His unique music made its way into many hearts. The new album has been released under the Yash Raj Music banner. The video for the title track Avengi Ja Nahin has already hit the national television.

01. Chhalla
02. Karachi Valie
03. Maen Bolea
04. Avengi Ja Nahin
05. Ballo
06. Tu Avin Bandra
07. Paghri Sambhal Jatta
08. Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)
09. Return to Unity

Rabbi Shergill new album songs review downloadThe album begins with a brilliant track Chhalla. This one could give Gurdaas Mann a run for his money! This is one track you want to listen to after a hard day of work. In fact you could listen to any song in the album to relax your mind. Avengi Ja Nahin is another of Rabbi’s signature tracks. The lyrics are mesmerizing. Although I feel the video doesn’t do full justice to the song. Remember the smash hit Bulla’s video?! The video was so amazing and it went so well with the track. Next up, Tu Avin Bandra is a sweet track. Bilqis is rather interesting to listen to. If you do understand Punjabi, even a little, you’ll have a grip on the lyrics. In case you don’t, well you can still enjoy the soothing music. The album ends with Return to Unity which is another track you wanna listen to again and again. On the whole, the album is worth the money. If you liked Rabbi’s debut album you are gonna love his new album! Rabbi Shergill gets 10/10 from me!

Here is the video for the track Avengi Ja Nahin:

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  1. Love Rabbi Shergill! This dude never fails to impress me. I loved his debut album, I loved his work in Delhi Heights and now this new album!!! I have seen the new video and I agree with you that it doesn’t really seem to do any sort of justice to the song but still I like it! The song is so pretty catchy! Can’t wait to buy his new music album!

  2. The video is awful. A huge climb down from Bulla. The song Pagri Sambhal Jatta is clearly jingoistic and openly hostile to Muslims. I do not have the heart to call it communal but thats what it is. Whats happening maan?

  3. hi guys…….till now managed to listen only the title trk…….but not able to find the album……..even looked for it in PlanetM n some other music stores…..
    ple can nybody help me where can i get it???????????

  4. This guy has his own charm… he’s distinct from the crowd… has an unconventional voice.. a very flexible style of singing.. he kind of narrates a story in every song of his… makes his tunes even more enjoyable…

    Btw, ur footer shows ur running an outdated version of WP… I strongly suggest that you upgrade… this one’s pretty exposed and prone to attacks.

  5. oh great (greatest album)

    challa is so soulful
    bilqis (jinhe naaz hai) is a finest song
    return to unity song in english is even great than any europian english number
    ballo oh my god great lyrics

    100 % all songs
    this is a great album (once in lifetime)
    finest music
    you will blow away in air of dreams

  6. I love this dude! Rabii Shergill’s simplicity is simply a killer attribute. He’s one of the few great singers in the country. Rock on dude! We love you!

  7. Just heard this song Bilqis from the album! Brilliant tune! Brilliant lyrics!

    Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)

    Mera naam Bilqis Yakub Rasool My name is Bilqis Yakub Rasool
    Mujhse hui bas ek hi bhool I committed just one mistake
    Ki jab dhhundhhte thhe vo Ram ko That I stood in their way
    To maen kharhi thhi rah mein When they were looking for Ram

    Pehle ek ne puchha na mujhe kuchh pata thha First, one asked me but I knew nothing
    Dujey ko bhi mera yehi javab thha Then another but my answer was the same
    Fir itno ne puchha ki mera ab saval hai ki Then so many that now I have a question

    Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan the Where are those who are proud of India
    Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain Where are those who are proud

    Mera naam shriman Satyendra Dubey My name gentlemen is Satyendra Dubey
    Jo kehna thha vo keh chukey I’ve already said what I wanted to say
    Ab parhey hain rah mein Now I lie on the road
    Dil mein liye ik goli With a bullet in my heart

    Bas itna kasur ki hamne likha thha My only fault being that I wrote
    Vo sach jo har kisi ki zuban thha A truth that was on everyone’s lips
    Par sach yahan ho jatey hain zahriley But truth here turn poisonous

    Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan the Where are those who are proud of India
    Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain Where are those who are proud

    Mujhe kehte hain anna Manjunath My name brother is Manjunath
    Maine dekhi bhatakti ek laash I’ve seen the corpse of conscience lying
    Zamir ki beech sarhak Lakhimpur Kherhi In the middle of the road at Lakhimpur Kherhi

    Adarsh phasan jahan naaron mein Where ideals are stuck in slogans
    Aur chor bharey darbaron mein And the royal courts are full of thieves
    Vahan maut akhlaq ki hai ik khabar baasi There the death of righteousness is old news

    Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan hain Where are those who are proud of India
    Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain Where are those who are proud

    Mazha nau aahe Navleen Kumar My name is Navleen Kumar
    Unnees june unnees var Nineteenth June and nineteen wounds
    Unnees unnees unnees unnees Nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen
    Unnees vaar Nineteen wounds

    Unnees unnees unnees unnees Nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen
    Unnees unnees unnees unnees Nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen
    Unnees unnees unnees unnees Nineteen nineteen nineteen nineteen
    Unnees vaar Nineteen wounds

    Looto dehaat kholo bazaar Loot the villages and open markets
    Nallasopara aur Virar Nallasopara & Virar
    Chheeno zameen hamse hamein Snatch our land and send us to
    Bhejo pataal Hell

    Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan hain Where are those who are proud of India
    Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain Where are those who are proud

  8. This guy is awesome!
    I was blown away by ‘challa’
    The song ‘pagari sambhal’, as someone mentioned, has a communal
    ring to it. But even then its a rocker!
    CHEERS!! to rabbi.

  9. the video?? why does this kinda music need so much visual support form the girl
    please let the feminine element be minimal, it distracts from the music

  10. I agree that the video could certainly have done without women in bikini-tops or in bath-tubs as the song is powerful enough to sell on its own, without such embellishments.

    BTW, I was watching Bombay Talkies on NDTV 24×7 the other day and Rabbi sang a few lines from this song i.e. Avengi Ja NahiN (accompanied only by a few strums on his guitar) and it sounded far more soulful than the track on the album!

  11. @Sukhbir Garewal and Kuldeep Singh:

    The song ‘Pagri Sambhal Jatta’ is not communal.

    Equating the barbaric rulers mentioned in the song with Islam or the entire Muslim community would be doing the same thing as, say, equating those responsible for communal riots against the Sikhs in 1984 and the Muslims in 1992, in Gujarat, with the entire Hindu community i.e. WRONG. An entire community can not be held responsible for the acts of a few and the lyrics of the song do not seek to do that either.

    The cruel acts of the rulers mentioned in the song were not in consonance with the tenets of Islam, I believe, and which you may confirm with any one who has proper knowledge of all that true Islam stands for or by doing some research on your own.

    The song seeks to condemn tyranny and injustice and not any religious faith, in particular.

    In accordance with the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh, it seeks to inspire humanity to stand up firmly against tyranny and injustice.

  12. Im not really thrilled with the flirtatious nature of his avengi ja nahin video, hich is unike rabbi’s style…but the song roks. i have only heard a couple of the songs as of yet, but i like them.

  13. And for people like me who wondered about Navleen Kumar:

    Social activists in Mumbai were shocked to hear of the tragic and heinous murder of activist Navleen Kumar on 19th June, 2002. Navleen had been working for the rights of the marginalised sections of society in the suburbs of Mumbai.

    Navleen had done her Masters in social work from Nirmala Niketan, College of Social work, Mumbai in the late 1960s. On graduation, she started working among the slum communities in Mumbai, but soon realised that her academic studies were too unrealistic and did not equip her to work meaningfully in the real situation facing the poor. She began to analyse every situation she faced during her work and came to the conclusion that she needed to confront the social system to bring about any tangible result. She believed in working with the people rather than working for the people.

    Full Story

  14. He is the rock sensation………….i dont know if any indian singer with indian songs has been able to do rock so finely………i mean its pure rock………….Karachi valie is the most rocking song……

  15. The song ‘pagri sambhal jatta’ is not at all communal its just narrative history. It just narrates history of india during those times with perspective of Punjabi people.

  16. thx swati for bilqis lyrics, can any one help me in finding lyrics for avengi ja nahi…

    grt music rabbi ji…

  17. You are welcome Yogesh! Here are the lyrics for Avengi Ja Nahin by Rabbi Shergill!

    Tere larian ‘ch How days flew
    Din kinney beetey With your empty promises
    Kujh kat gaye Some passed
    Kujh jamaa keetey While others added up

    Ni maen akk gia I’m tired of reading
    Bol chup teri parhda Your words & silences
    Taenu parhna na It’s beyond me to
    Sohnie hai mere vas da Read you

    Putthian-sidhian chhad das Cut the crap tell me
    Avengi ja nahi Will you come or not
    Mere munh ‘te kesan di chhan Shade my face with your tresses
    Pavengi ja nahi Will you or not

    Koi souhan jhutthian-sachian Take some true or false vows
    Khavengi ja nahi Will you or not
    Mere munh ‘te kesan di chhan Shade my face with your tresses
    Pavengi…das avengi Will you…will you come

    Ik miley na One you don’t meet
    Sunehe utton ghaldi And then you ply messages
    Kehrhe passeon How fair you tell me
    Gall eh ve fabdi Is that

    Keh ton dardi eyn What are you scared of
    M’kha koi taenu puchhe Someone should ask you
    Ki tun lukdi eyn Do you hide
    Tan jo koi taenu labhe So that someone finds you

    Je maen avan taenu labhan If I come looking
    Labhengi ja nahi Will you be found or not
    Koi rah nishani apni Drop some hints on the way
    Chhadengi ja nahi Will you or not

    Buha khulla kamre apne da Leave your door ajar
    Rakhengi ja nahi Will you or not
    Mere munh ‘te kesan di chhan Shade my face with your tresses
    Pavengi…das avengi Will you…will you come

    Taenu yaad us Do you remember the moment
    Pal us vaar da That day
    Jehrha hoia na si The confession
    Os izhar da That did not happen

    Jadon dubia si When I drowned
    Jadon kujh taria si maen When I swam a bit
    Ki tun vi dubbi Did you drown
    Si Too

  18. this one for chhalla lover…..


    Chhalla vas nahi oo mere

    Chhalla vas meri maan de Ghallegi tan jange Ve gall sun chhallia Khaure keeta kis is ‘te toona

    Chhalla aa pia khuh ‘te Gallan karie munh ‘te Ve gall sun chhallia Sanu vekhan nu tera ji ni karda Tainu vekhe bina mera ni sarda

    Chhalla bambi da paani Kithhey veh gaye ne jaani Asan khabar ko na jaani Ve gall sun chhallia Teri beri ik uggia ey kanda

    Chhalla ambian kachian Mattan de koi sachian Laiey lekhe jo bachian Terian merian gharian Ve gall sun chhallia Langh javan ain na umran khaali

    Chhalla gut ik lammi Asan supne chummi Hoi neeyat si anni Asan dil di si manni Ve gall sun chhallia Hun de lai jehrhi deni ey sazaa

    Chhalla boharh ik ‘kalla Unhe farhia ey palla Thalle dharat utte Allah Ve gall sun chhallia Khaure jandian kinni dunghian jarhan Es gall da os khud nu nahi pata

  19. I do not know those words which are even close exhilarating as this album is. Rabbi has added a new dimension to the Punjabi music which is largely known for bhangra beats and crass lyrics. Even great singers like Sukhwinder and Daler Mehendi have not been able to inspire as differently. I liked all songs especially Bilquis AJN and Challa. Music and lyrics of ‘Bilquis’ are really noteworthy. I think there should be a video made out of it to remind people of martyrs like Manjunath and Navleen Kumar. Its not hard to imagine that this can stir up media and ordinary people to take the cause of these long forgotten cases.

    I can simply sum up by saying that Rabbi’s music is not only contemporary and awesome but has soul and purpose beyond making money.

  20. Rabbi….is awesome!!! Period.
    After listening to Bilqis, I wonder, is it just a song…or a message for us to come out…unite…fight injustice…or maybe just start listening to another song.

  21. and then move on to another…so that maybe 10 years from now we have some more bilqis banos and navleen kumars or for that matter satyendra dubeys and manjunaths and another great singer penning an album to remind us of their sacrifice.

  22. must say that this album is even more rocking then first one.great lyrics man…i’m totally blown away by music …what to say …Rabbi mann! u r gawdddd….

  23. hey thanks for the lyrics of Bilqis song…
    a song which each nd every Indian shud b made 2 listen… every1 of us shud bow down our head in shame! this is the truth of ‘developing nd shining India’…
    well m a 18 yr old nd i belong 2 state of Satyendra Dubey… most of u vl b knwing d development in the case… bt for those who dont… a petty criminal was booked in this case nd was stated that Satyendra Dubey was killed by this thief who was trying 2 rob him! wat a mockery! nd few months bak even this criminal escaped frm the jail. and i m not shocked by this development cos i hv grown up in this environment nd hv watched so many Satyendra Dubeys for last 19 yrs… this is the condition of my state which was ruled by our Honorable Railway Minister (nd for most of u your beloved cos he has a gr8 sense of humour i guess… nd indeed he has made us his subject of humour)
    all i knw is dat justice has eluded this honest nd true Indian… nd atleast i am ashamed by this!

  24. and by the way hats off to Rabbi ji for this great album… who has proved that u need not hv gr8 publicity for a successful album…

  25. Rabbi has brought some excitement to Indian music. I wish he would come to the US on a tour. His message and out of Bollywood style is fresh and natural. The videos are world class. I lke the english subtitles for the lyrics in scrawls. I can listen the songs all day. I see the younger aspiring singers inspired ….idol and jr. idol …
    Keep it up Rabbi awesome….

  26. Rabbi is my best singer. His unique style of singing always touches my heart. Lyrics of his songs are so beautifully composed that one can easily get drowned in the life of his songs. May he compose these types of songs always.

  27. Sirji u simply ROCK ! I can only say hats of to all those brave people who sacrifies there life for thruth. for u ur awsome singer i love ur music .hope one day i can meet u n thank u but dont know whn tht day wil cme,any way sirji once again U ROCK !

  28. i luv this guy .he is 1 person i can listen to over and over again .i dont get bored no matter how much i listen to him.he has been blessed with a greeeeaaaaat voice.how can i download his album or this song specialy, free from the net. plz plz do reply.

  29. Aavengi Ja Nahi……..

    Tere Larianch Din Kinne Bite
    Kujh Kat Gaye,Kujh Jamaa Kite
    Ni Main Akk Gia Bol Chup Teri Parhda
    Tennu Padhana Na Sohnie Hai Mere Vas Da….

    Putthian Sidhian Chhad Das Aavengi Ja Nahi
    Mere Munh Te Kesan Di Chhan Pavengi Ja Nahi
    Koi Souhan Jhutthian Sachian Khavengi Ja Nahi
    Mere Munh Te Kesan Di Chhan Pavengi Das Aavengi….

    Ik Mile Na Sunehe Utton Ghaldi
    Kehrhe Passeon Gall Eh Ve Fabdi

    Keh To Dardi Ye M’kha Koi Tennu Puchhe
    Ki Tun Lukdi Ye Tan Jo Koi Taenu Labhe
    Je Maen Avan Taenu Labhan Labhengi Ja Nahi
    Koi Rah Nishani Apni Chhadengi Ja Nahi
    Buha Khulla Kamre Apne Da Rakhengi Ja Nahi
    Mere Munh Te Kesan Di Chhan Pavengi Das Aavengi

    Tennu Yaad Uss Pal Uss Vaar Da
    Jehrha Hoia Na Si Os Izhar Da
    Jadon Dubia Si,Jadon Kujh Taria Si Main
    Ki Tun Vi Dubbi Si

    Putthian Sidhian Chhad Das Aavengi Ja Nahi
    Mere Munh Te Kesan Di Chhan Pavengi Ja Nahi
    Koi Souhan Jhutthian Sachian Khavengi Ja Nahi
    Mere Munh Te Kesan Di Chhan Pavengi Das Aavengi….

  30. I love Rabbi Shergill because of his work.I am extremely impreesed with rabbi”s song because his music,lyrics is superb,

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