Rabbi Shergill new album released review songs album download

Rabbi Shergill is finally back with his new album titled Avengi Ja Nahin. His debut album Bulla was an undisputed hit across the nation despite zero money spent on advertising and the only promotion being a brilliant video and word of mouth publicity. His new album was earlier released on the Nokia’s N-Series platform. Rabbi’s new album comprises of nine brilliant tracks. Most of the album has been produced in Milan, Italy. Rabbi has penned down the lyrics and has composed the music for the album himself. His unique music made its way into many hearts. The new album has been released under the Yash Raj Music banner. The video for the title track Avengi Ja Nahin has already hit the national television.

01. Chhalla
02. Karachi Valie
03. Maen Bolea
04. Avengi Ja Nahin
05. Ballo
06. Tu Avin Bandra
07. Paghri Sambhal Jatta
08. Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai)
09. Return to Unity

Rabbi Shergill new album songs review downloadThe album begins with a brilliant track Chhalla. This one could give Gurdaas Mann a run for his money! This is one track you want to listen to after a hard day of work. In fact you could listen to any song in the album to relax your mind. Avengi Ja Nahin is another of Rabbi’s signature tracks. The lyrics are mesmerizing. Although I feel the video doesn’t do full justice to the song. Remember the smash hit Bulla’s video?! The video was so amazing and it went so well with the track. Next up, Tu Avin Bandra is a sweet track. Bilqis is rather interesting to listen to. If you do understand Punjabi, even a little, you’ll have a grip on the lyrics. In case you don’t, well you can still enjoy the soothing music. The album ends with Return to Unity which is another track you wanna listen to again and again. On the whole, the album is worth the money. If you liked Rabbi’s debut album you are gonna love his new album! Rabbi Shergill gets 10/10 from me!

Here is the video for the track Avengi Ja Nahin: