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kaminey music reviewVishal Bhardwaj is one of my favorite film makers and music composers in the country. He is one dude who knows what he’s doing. Kaminey is Vishal Bhardwaj’s latest flick starring Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra in lead roles. Kaminey is one of the most awaited flicks of 2009. Kaminey’s music released today. The lyrics have been penned down by Gulzar and the music has been composed by the director Vishal Bhardwaj himself.

Remember Maachis? Remember Omkara? Vishal Bhardwaj’s music indeed made the films stand out. Kaminey has all those attributes of a typical commercial Bollywood movie, if you go by the promos on national television. Does the music work this time for Vishal? Well let’s check it out!

Dhan Te Nan

The soundtrack begins with Dhan Te Nan, the track being currently aired along with promos on TV. The singers Sukhwinder Singh and Vishal Dadlani are perfect for a track like this. It’s a catchy tune indeed and it’s got that vibe to go with it. Gulzar’s lyrics do the rest of the job.

Aaja Aaja Dil Nichodein,
Raat ki Matki Todein,
Koi Good luck nilakein,
Aaj gullak toh phodein!

You start humming the song right from the very first time you play it. The catchy tune just don’t escape the brain. The song’s video has been well shot. A definitely must-have track!

Pehli Baar Mohabbat

Mohit Chauhan is the singer of this next slow romantic track Pehli Baar Mohabbat. It’s a bit hard to come to terms with a slow romantic track especially after the Dhan Te Nan tune. This track has Gulzar written all over it. Beautiful lyrics, mesmerizing music and very well sung by Mohit Chauhan. A loveable song.


I thought Kaminey would be the title track and Vishal Bhardwaj would churn out another trademark tune. He proves me wrong. Kaminey is another slow yet powerful song. The lyrics weigh heavier again.

Meri Daastan Kamini,
Mere Raaste Kaminey,
Ek dil se dosti thi,
Yeh huzoor bhi…kaminey.

Vishal himself sings this song. He does a fine job. Somehow this song reminds me of Omkara’s soundtrack.


Catchy music celebration is back. Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher team up for this next track titled Fatak. It’s fatak and not faatak, as I thought. The lyrics are again worth mentioning here.

Arrey sauda kare saheli ka,
sar pe tel chameli ka.

And a surprise element too:

Yeh ishq nahin aasaan,
Aji AIDS ka khatra hai,
Patvaar pehen jaanaa,
Yeh aag ka dariya hai.

Re naiyaa doobe na,
re bhawra kaate na…

Awesome or what?! Sukhwinder and Kailash both have that extra terrestrial kind of abilities to make a song so amazing. I guess this is their first time together. I might be wrong too.

Raat Ke Dhai Baje

Rekha Bhardwaj and Sunidhi Chauhan sing this next track. Rekha is Vishal’s wife as is well known for her brilliant tracks in Omkara and Delhi-6. Kunal Ganjawala also plays a cameo along with Suresh Wadkar. Another cool track. Am I in love with this soundtrack or what?

Go Charlie Go (Theme)

The soundtrack ends with the theme for the central character played by Shahid Kapoor. It’s instrumental so I won’t comment much about it.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Great to see the reviews back!!! i’m stuck on pehli baar mohobbat…….

    P.S: love the new simplistic blog design.. last one was a pain to the eyes with the yellows n reds

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