Movie Review: Men in Black 3

movie review men in black 3

Movies are supposed to be fun. I don’t remember the last time I went for a preview show and I normally wouldn’t have gone for a Men In Black movie either, but this was no ordinary day. The mind was going through massive turbulence since morning and only a good movie could help me out.

[quote_left]Men In Black 3 is a perfect mixture of humor, action and alien-madness that you can digest all at once.[/quote_left]I can say I’m a fan of the Men In Black movies, may be not so much for the second one, but overall I’ve loved the video-game concept of the movies. I even loved the idea that there’s a nice little secret organization that permits aliens to live amongst normal earthlings and they wear such shiny black suits. How can you not like them?

Men In Black 3 makes up for what the sequel couldn’t do, the last time around. Will Smith is a really something. MIB 3 wouldn’t be a movie without Will Smith. You just can’t imagine the whole MIB franchise without him. He’s the man! Will has done an amazing job and as always he’s made you laugh like crazy.

men in black 3

There was a bit of a heart attack right there when they showed Lady Gaga amongst an alien ticker at the MIB headquarters but I’ll forgive them for that. Tommy Lee Jones couldn’t do much with a limited role like his but Josh Brolin was equally a good fit. Jemaine Clement was a surprise act. A perfect bad guy. You couldn’t imagine him doing Flight of the Conchords after this.

Overall, Men In Black 3 is a must-see. This quick review does no justice to the amount of awesomeness effect this movie can have on your tired brain cells. Do this world a huge favor, watch this movie over the weekend with your entire family. You can thank me later.

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