My Name Is Khan Promo

Here’s the promo of Karan Johar’s upcoming movie My Name Is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol in lead roles. The movie’s first look was released today. The trailer was shown on national television across the country on all Star network channels. The promo looks quite interesting. It’s still far away though, February to be precise. We’ll see about that. As of now I’m waiting for the music release.

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  1. i have a feeling its gonna be SRK’s first flop in a decade. Didn’t even like the trailer 🙁 as a frnd mentioned it seems more of a ‘Rainman meets Kurbaan in New York’ Story xD

  2. It’s pathetic to say the least. But then Karan Johar has a way-around for everything. Also not to forget the Shah Rukh factor. Hate it when people like a movie for it’s actor.

  3. SRK looks different in this flick, lets see if he & director delivers what’s shown in the trailer. I hope it’s different than other SRK natka jhatka flicks.

    I will watch this movie for Kajol!!!!

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