The Big Freaking Bang CERN Experiment!

big bang experiment at cern explained

All this time I thought it would be the aliens who would strike Earth and ultimately end our world. Turns out that Hollywood and all those science fiction books were a rip off. Nothing of that sort is gonna happen it seems. For the last couple of months everyone around me has been bugging me about this freak show happening at Geneva. And that the world will pretty much end. Yeah like they always say!

So I decided to dig into the whole thing and help everyone understand what these people are cooking at CERN. Here is the CERN Experiment, simplified, Ishy style!

After 25 years of planning and construction, scientists at CERN, the European particle physics laboratory, will switch on a huge experiment this morning which, they say, will tell us more about the origins of the universe and could lead to thousands of new inventions.The Large Hadron Collider, or LHC, built deep underground in Switzerland, will smash tiny particles into each other at speeds almost as fast as light itself.

Alright. All that smashing particle thing went just straight over your head, right? Well lemme explain. Everyone is keen to know the origin of the universe and there’s got to be some freaky mechanism to find that out. The Large Hadron Collider is just like the juicer/mixer your mom uses to make that juice you hate to drink. Only in this case, the LHC is one hell of a juicer.


The LHC is the world’s biggest particle accelerator. A series of superconducting magnets in pipes stored deep underground speed up tiny sub-atomic particles called protons to very near the speed of light. The particles whizz around a 17-mile tunnel deep underground between the border of France and Switzerland 11,245 times every second.

See I told you it’s a big thing! That 12-mile deep tunnel, I wonder if it houses any Mc Donalds drive through!

The idea is to replicate the conditions that existed just after the big bang, the huge explosion that scientists think kick-started our universe 13.7 billion years ago and eventually led to life here on Earth. They hope to spot more of the building blocks that make up atoms and clear up some of the big questions around the creation of the universe.

Creation of the universe! Cool! But hey! I thought Adam and Eve were involved in the Big Bang Theory.
What will come out of it is simply nobody’s guess. A lot of people are worried about the black hole rumors. I’m not. Even Stephen Hawking isn’t impressed with the CERN experiment. So much that he placed a bet on it!

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