pakistan protesting 26/11 mumbai attacks opinion

The 26/11 Mumbai attacks have left India more than just dead bodies and a lot of pain. Angry at the Government, Indians are raising their voices and giving the Government a run for it’s money. As the Government spends endless hours in stuffed conference halls trying to come out with solutions and an awful lot of lame excuses on how things went wrong, there’s a different scene back in Pakistan.

Pakistanis seem to hate the fact that their nation has been targeted by Indian authorities once again. They are not ready to accept the fact that their nation harbors terrorists, facilitates terrorist training camps and supports some of the most dreadful terrorists known to the world. For them it’s just another blame game.

The Pakistani blogosphere has been contaminated by the air Pakistani bloggers are breathing out. One such Aslam Bhai who runs a cheeky blog called Pakistanic says;

India Media as usual alleged Pakistan for this action but the terrorist themselves cleared the facts that they are not Pakistani not Kashmiris. In fact they are The Indian Muslim citizen from Hyderabad Deccan. They are young Patriotic but the way the indian muslim are treated by government and society, its the protest against all this.

I wonder which news channel did Aslam Bhai tune into. When did any terrorist say they were from Hyderabad? There is a dense Muslim population in India, Mr. Aslam. The Indian Government and society doesn’t mistreat them. If this was true, we’d be busy fighting a totally different war amongst ourselves. He goes on with;

Let’s assume that Pakistani government and agencies are behind Mumbai attacks but how could a country impose a war in other country if they are troubled by Militants and Estremists? Pakistani Army is fighting against Taliban as well as Al-queda in North west province and War is spreading toward Peshawar. It’s beyond imagination that Pakistan could even think of such coward act which couse trouble to India-Pakistan Relations.

Aslam it’s high time your country faced the music. Pakistan has been supporting terrorism for a really long time now. And if you had Physics at school you’d know that to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Your country been supportive of these extremists and now they’ve hit back at your nation itself. And if these elements were Pakistan nationals, based, trained and sent from Pakistan, it’s not rocket science that Pakistan will not be blamed for it. Your country should have spent all that time and energy concentrating on economic and political reforms rather than finding cheap ways to penetrate into Indian territory.

And then comes Riaz Haq who is talking about a possible Indian military action on Pakistan. He says;

Even though Pakistan’s military is dwarfed in size by the Indian military, it is still a very large, well-equipped, well-trained and effective professional fighting force that has never hesitated in taking on India’s conventionally superior might. Contrary to the Indian folklore of “defeating Pakistan” in several wars, India has not been able to score any decisive victories over Pakistani military except in Bangladesh war where Pakistanis, cut off from the Western wing of the country and surrounded by India, found themselves trapped by a ferocious Bengali insurgency supported by Indian government.

Mr. Riaz your Pakistani army has lost all it’s battles. Indian defense forces have shown you the door every time you folks felt like drifting into Indian territories. Even if today we find ourselves in a war like situation I’m afraid your tiny country might have to perish. May be you people are just angry at the fact that every time you decided to play War, you got defeated with a bang.

One Farrukh Khan bashes India’s Pranab Mukherjee;

The problem with people like Mukherjee is that their limited gray matter never allows them to think like statesmen. He is no Nehru after all. That is precisely why he is continuously mismanaging the situation. The premature demand for twenty suspects, no heroes for me rest assured, smacks of hubris and a premature craving to act as a superpower.

Mukherjee is no Nehru, I agree. And I’m thankful to God that he’s not. I also agree that the demand for the twenty most-wanted men was premature. It has been so for the past several years. It’s like we’ve got a list and when something happens we dig it out and hand it over to Pakistan. Mind you Mr. Farrukh it’s not ‘suspects’ as you put it. These twenty people are well known hardcore terrorists who pose a grave threat to innocent lives. The evidence is all over and even you and your folks know about it. Why are these people walking freely in Pakistan?

Mr. Farrukh then chalks out a solution to the current India Pakistan crises with;

The best, and perhaps the only, option then is that India with the help of the international community probes the matter and compiles the evidence. Then it can provide Pakistan the evidence with the diplomatic request to try the accused. Pakistan government then can ensure that the apex court’s full bench tries these element in open and transparent hearings and they are finally brought to the book.

Now this is hilarious. I like your sense of humor Mr. Farrukh. You’ll try those people? That too in Pakistan itself? Oh please! The thing you guys have running there in Pakistan is total Idiocracy!

And if the Pakistani blogosphere wasn’t enough to boil my blood, it’s was Pakistan’s president Asif Ali Zardari on CNN’s Larry King Live. Listen to this;

King: What do you believe is the responsibility, if any, of — I want to get this right — Lashkar-e-Taiba, the militant group that’s aimed at ending Indian rule in Kashmir? Do you think they’re involved?

Zardari: That’s a banned organization, Larry, in Pakistan and all around the world. If indeed they are involved, we would not know. Again, they are people who operate outside the system. They operate like — al Qaeda, for instance, is not state-oriented. They operate something on that mechanism, and we would love to — I’ve already offered to India full cooperation on this incident, and we intend to do that.

Mr. Zardari if Lashkar-e-Taiba is a banned organization then how come they freely set up training camps all over Pakistan? How come their top notch officials are walking freely across the country? Your stupid statements only anger us Mr. Zardari. So sit down and stop barking like a stray dog. You have better things to worry about in your country. Your worthless cooperation is not needed.

My blood is boiling as I sit down and read these statements on Pakistani blogs. All this while Pakistani media comes out with a story alleging the involvement of Hindu elements in the Mumbai tragedy. How can a nation be full of morons? I guess they assassinate any sane person in the country. The current state of their nation is horrifying. They have no money. They survive on World Bank grants and the moolah US throws at them. Indian authorities have reasons to believe that Zardari might not be in total control and that ISI and the Army are calling the shots in Pakistan. I’m looking forward to how the Obama administration will treat Pakistan. As far as India is concerned, we’re into Gandhigiri stupidity!