Discount for Students on Apple Macbooks!

students can buy apple macbooks at a discounted price in indiaApple has launched a promotion where it is offering discounts to students, faculty or staff members of select Indian educational institutions. The offer is on Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro laptops. If you are thinking of buying a laptop for college then this might just be the best time. The offer is valid till 30th August 2008. The discount Apple is offering is approximately 12% of the market price.

Here is the price list under this promotion;


To avail the offer you must call 1800-425-4646 (MTNL/BSNL Lines) or 080-2574-4646 (from all phones) or SMS ‘SALES’ to 54646.

Surprised! Google thinks I’m a bot.

funny google message bug or error

We’re sorry…

… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

Yes. Google thinks I’m a bot! Got this screen while using Lively. I didn’t do anything to bomb their servers, I simply clicked on Sign-in. Ok. I’m scared now. What if the next time I try to sign-in and they tell me I’m an alien or something?

Google launches Lively, a Virtual World!

Lively by Google reviewGoogle recently launched Lively, a virtual world service that it plans to deploy on social networks on the web. Using Lively, a user can create an avatar and a virtual room. These can then be embedded on any web page, blog or a social networking profile. Lively shall be heavily deployed in various social networking platforms. Your personal avatar and virtual rooms will be integrated with your Google accounts. These can be used on all Google’s services in the near future. Here’s how Lively works:

Lively Virtual CharacterDownload Lively:

To get started you need to download Lively first. It is a browser plug-in. You’ll need to have a Google account to start using it. Once you’re done with downloading it you can start creating your avatar. You can customize various attributes such as skin, clothes, hair color, eyes etc. This makes to eligible to enter the various virtual rooms at Lively.

Virtual Rooms:

Just like avatars, Lively lets you create your own virtual rooms as well. You can customize your own virtual rooms from the wide array of options available to you. Once you have created a room you can embed it on any web page.


You can chat with other Lively users once you’re in a virtual room. You can check out several user created virtual rooms on Lively. Once you are inside a virtual room you can interact with other users in the room. You can build your own buddy lists by inviting your friends on Lively. Engineering Manager Niniane Wang hints that Lively would be integrated with major social networking platforms.

So here’s another way to kill time online. Although ambitious, this might just take a lot of time for it’s users to get used to it.

Infy’s First recruitment AD in1991!

infosys recruitment advertisement in 1991

Only 64 brilliant young engineers are destined to conquer the world of
software. Find out if you are one of them this Saturday.

As Infosys moved to new markets and new clients came on board,
recruitment had to keep pace. This ad, which appeared in 1991, created
quite a buzz. Infoscion Ananth Vaidyanathan, who applied and joined,
recalls, “Infosys was a little-known company. Most applicants were
enthused by the ad. A huge crowd turned up, more than a 1,000… there
was a virtual stampede.” So much so that the glass doorway at the hotel,
where the interviews were being conducted, came crashing down!

Ananth remembers that they were divided into batches of 100 for the
test, and things were impeccably organized. Only a small number finally
made it to the next round and finally, 16 candidates were selected. The
interview rounds were conducted by Nandan Nilekani and N. S. Raghavan.

Another 1 GB of RAM!

Lenovo Notebook computer 1 GB RAM

Adding a GB of RAM to the notebook feels so good right now! Really! I’m done with Windows XP now and I have moved to Windows Vista on my Lenovo notebook. Just like what I did with my desktop machine. Not that I’m a fan of Microsoft or the Windows scam but change is the spice of life! Well I’d say the summer has just begin for me. I’ll be experimenting heavily with a lot of Operating Systems. I expect myself to screw up a number of times so I’m getting ready a new cheap test machine for that purpose.

Linux? Bring it on!

The new Apple iPhone 3G is here!

the new apple iphone 3g in india buy now pricesIt’s finally here! Apple launched the much awaited iPhone 3G edition which was previously termed as the Apple iPhone 2. The all new iPhone 3G is cheap, faster, more stable and has a built in global positioning via satellite (GPS). The new phone costs $199 for the 8GB edition which is roughly Rs. 8358 in India. The 16GB version of the iPhone costs $299 and it also comes in white color. The new iPhone also features a charcoal back, solid metal buttons, camera, flush headphone jack, improved audio and a longer better battery life.

Apple iPhone 3G in IndiaThe phone would be available in the US from July 11th and then subsequently in other countries as well. The Apple iPhone 3G would be available in India also later this year. Though the unlocked version of the iPhone is still available in the gray market in India, it doesn’t support all the network features. Thus rendering the iPhone to a mere toy. It was earlier speculated that Vodafone and Airtel might be bringing the Apple iPhone in India but now it’s official. Both the companies are now launching the iPhone around September. I’m not quite sure if it will be the 3G version since we don’t really have 3G here in India. The telecom operators and the TRAI is still dumb over the issue and the only place 3G is available in India is on government documentation. Now the big question is, will you buy the Apple iPhone 3G? For me it will depend on how Vodafone and Airtel roll it in India. The network access pricing as well as EDGE plans are all crap right now. Moreover you end up choking on GPRS speeds on EDGE enabled networks in India. The iPhone is surely sexy enough to make me wanna buy it but dude, where’s the 3G yaar?!

Here are some snaps from the keynote and the new Apple iPhone 3G!
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A letter from Bill Gates

Dear Momma,

I hope this mail finds you in the best of health. I am using Steve’s e-mail account to send you this mail. No not the Apple guy but my CEO Steve Ballmer. They somehow blocked my e-mail account since I exceeded the 2GB limit. So how are you Momma? I hope you’re running into fewer blue screens now. Momma remember I sent you the Windows Vista DVD last month, never mind that. You will have to buy more memory, a graphics cards, better display monitor etc. So you can still continue with Windows 98. You know those were the best ones we made! Well, I have been going through some tough times here. You must have read the papers Momma. We tried to buy Yahoo but that fucking Chinese retard doesn’t understand that his stock ain’t going up anytime soon. Google is kicking our butt with each passing day Momma. Sometimes I feel like crying on your shoulders. If Google wasn’t really harsh enough, uncle EU keeps slapping me with such record fines all the time. I’m not going to sell software over there now. But Europe is one of the few places where people still don’t know about BitTorrent so I the only few copies of software that I sell are sold there itself. Hey Momma! I’m planning to buy an iPhone for myself. It’s pretty cool you know. It does all sorts of things and it has that great touchscreen thing and I can listen to music and install apps and so much! I’m gonna ask Jobs for a rebate. It’s far too expensive you see.

Ok Momma I’m gonna have to press the Send button now! Ballmer recently updated to the Vista SP1, so the system hangs up every 5 minutes. Take care Momma, I miss you!


Your Billy!

Sneak Preview: Orkut’s upcoming App Feature!

Orkut new applications downloadThe social networking scene is too overcrowded today. Even the next door Chunnu Munnu are proud owners of a self constructed social network and aim to make it to the billionaires list one day. Facebook, MySpace and Orkut have evolved so much over the past couple of years that they have left behind networking like Friendster, Hi5 etc. crying. Orkut is believed to be very popular with Indian users while Facebook is now picking up. With the growing trend of people getting hell bored with Orkut in a little time and with nothing much to do other than sitting back and waiting for scraps to arrive, Orkut took the step ahead to open itself to the world of developers.

Facebook possesses that fun element where you can do just more than staring at other’s private photos or adding girls you don’t know to your friends list. You could simply sit there all your life having fun interacting with a lot more people in a neat and simple way by using the tons of applications available with Facebook. All this time Orkut had simply laughed off at the mere idea of having an API. They were too proud of their ‘scraps’ getting popular. Orkut opened itself to developers a little time ago and is coming up with the applications developed by nerds from across the globe in a couple of weeks.

I took the extra pain of taking a peek into the sandbox and checking out how it might just look like. So here’s a neat sneak preview of the applications coming up at Orkut. Don’t expect a bomb or Facebook-like addiction. This might just piss people off. Continue reading “Sneak Preview: Orkut’s upcoming App Feature!”