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[quote_right]There are now more startups than Mc Donald’s outlets around you. How do you keep a track of all of them?[/quote_right]I keep signing up for startups all the time, so much that I keep losing track of them. If a startup actually ends up becoming an essential tool for me, I’ll remember the name/URL to go back and keep using the app/site. Or I’ll pull my lazy ass to work towards searching for the link.

The case with startups is that they don’t have obvious names. That-awesome-bookmarking-app won’t be named such. Same for that-brilliant-photo-app, this-app-can-freeze-my-brain which are more likely to be named horse-shit-ify/rr/ra/ss/psss or something even more weird. To add insult to injury, they don’t always have the obvious .com domain name extension either. So horse-shit-ify isn’t really horseshitify.com, it might as well be horse.shit.i.fy or something.

What most startups do is that they send you a welcome e-mail with some sugary text and links to hypnotize you back to the site. That’s good. But not all startups do that. In that case it is next to impossible to go back to the site. Now that sucks for the app developers who’ve worked hard on adding new features, the ones that could be awesome for me.

What really needs to be done is, simple:

  • Make sure you send a short and snappy welcome e-mail to the user.
  • If the user doesn’t come back to the site, say for like 15-20 days, now let’s assume he didn’t get abducted by aliens, let’s send him a follow up e-mail asking him to check out the new stuff on the site or something as simple as a feedback.
  • Make sure to include an unsubscribe button on all your e-mails. This is so awesome for geeks.
  • Of course, don’t spam.


Startups and Success

startups and success

What happens to most of the startups you don’t get to hear about? What happened to that little app you signed up for and then forgot? There may have been several different reasons but the most common answer is – they gave up. It’s very easy to start a new company, work on new ideas and expect an overnight success. But then overnight success is just a myth.

[quote_right]It is easy to give up and let go when it’s not working out. So why not?[/quote_right]Nothing happens overnight. Not unless you break up with a dear girlfriend, get drunk and hack the campus network to produce a viral application. Even in Mark Zuckerberg’s case it wasn’t an overnight success story. It was months and months of sheer hard work and brilliant team spirit that eventually led to Facebook’s success.

The same can be said for almost all top industry movers and shakers. Steve Jobs is a classic example of how hard work, creativity and passion for building great products can lead to success in the long term, Bill Gates didn’t always get it right the first time.

As for startups, Chris Dixon mentions, ‘Angry Birds was Rovio’s 52nd game’ and that the new upcoming social content curating site Pinterest wasn’t initially very popular with its users. Same is the case with most major startups. You work harder and harder, day by day and make your products more usable and kickass for your users, only then you end up tasting success. You have the option of giving up in the middle of the journey but it’s not recommended.

Schlep Blindness And Us!

paul graham

I remember reading one of Paul Graham’s essays going nuts. There’s no way I could keep myself from getting one of his books. Hackers and Painters was ordered right away and I still keep it with me. You can read and then re-read his essays and you’ll still find them totally relevant and moreover – inspiring.

So this weekend I was just lazing around on the web and I came across Paul’s new essay titled ‘Schlep Blindness‘. And there you go! Paul Graham nails it again. This is something I’ve personally felt and experienced, this phenomenon has been there for quite some time now. Only now we have a term for it.
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5 Ways I Use Live On Campus

We recently relaunched Live (laiv) On Campus in a brand new avatar. The new version shall cater to a global audience with over 50+ countries to start with. It’s fast, easy and fun. One of the most frequently asked questions about the product is what are the different ways one can use our application. The best part of the new Live On Campus and ‘The Wire’ is that you can customize and use it any way you like.

Here are 5 different ways I love to use Live On Campus:

1. Build a video playlist

live on campus

I love watching videos online. Who doesn’t? The problem is that there are too many videos. It’s hard to dig out the good ones and once you get your hands on a cool video, how do you save it for future reference? Saving bookmarks on your computer isn’t really cool. Using a simple bookmarklet I can keep all my favorite videos on my wire at Live On Campus. I can then browse all these cool videos directly by visiting my wire. What’s more? I can also share any video with my friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.
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Live On Campus Introduces The Wire

Live On Campus

Bringing campus living to life, The Wire is now live and provides a unique experience and insight into college content.Most people choose one college but are always curious about life at other schools. Live On Campus allows a person to indulge their curiosity and live vicariously through the content from other campuses. Live On Campus hopes to bring the world a little closer in helping everyone appreciate the diversity of campuses around the world.
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A TV Show on Startups: TechStars

Reality TV is all set to kick ass. That’s right these are words coming straight out of a geek’s mouth. This is something I’ve always imagined to produce some day. A reality show (officially documentary-reality series) based on technology. And what better way to look for a theme than to involve startups.

So what’s the deal? The show is about startups pitching their ideas to investors. In the process these startups will compete against one another and will also showcase how the whole incubator-process goes about apart from interviews and keynotes from various hot-shots of the startup world.
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Buzzingaa: Buy Posters and More

buy posters online in india

Are you looking around for some cool posters for your room or office? Well look no further. There’s a hot new startup in town selling posters and cool merchandise on the web and it’s called, wait for it, Buzzingaa! Selling posters online is a totally new thing as far as the Indian e-commerce scene is concerned. Of course one can buy almost anything on eBay but nothing beats one dedicated site for something you love to buy. Buzzingaa sells posters you’d find hard to keep yourself from buying. You can find almost everything you love right there be it movies, music, humor, gaming and the list goes on. What’s more? There’s plenty of cool merchandise too!
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