Hey Startup! E-Mail me, please.

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[quote_right]There are now more startups than Mc Donald’s outlets around you. How do you keep a track of all of them?[/quote_right]I keep signing up for startups all the time, …
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Startups and Success

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What happens to most of the startups you don’t get to hear about? What happened to that little app you signed up for and then forgot? There may have …
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Schlep Blindness And Us!

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paul graham

I remember reading one of Paul Graham’s essays going nuts. There’s no way I could keep myself from getting one of his books. Hackers and Painters was ordered right away and I still keep it with me. You can read and then re-read his essays and you’ll still find them totally relevant and moreover – inspiring.

So this weekend I was just lazing around on the web and I came across Paul’s new essay titled ‘Schlep Blindness‘. And there you go! Paul Graham nails it again. This is something I’ve personally felt and experienced, this phenomenon has been there for quite some time now. Only now we have a term for it.
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5 Ways I Use Live On Campus

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We recently relaunched Live (laiv) On Campus in a brand new avatar. The new version shall cater to a global audience with over 50+ countries to start with. It’s fast, easy and fun. One of the most frequently asked questions about the product is what are the different ways one can use our application. The best part of the new Live On Campus and ‘The Wire’ is that you can customize and use it any way you like.

Here are 5 different ways I love to use Live On Campus:

1. Build a video playlist

live on campus

I love watching videos online. Who doesn’t? The problem is that there are too many videos. It’s hard to dig out the good ones and once you get your hands on a cool video, how do you save it for future reference? Saving bookmarks on your computer isn’t really cool. Using a simple bookmarklet I can keep all my favorite videos on my wire at Live On Campus. I can then browse all these cool videos directly by visiting my wire. What’s more? I can also share any video with my friends on Facebook, Twitter or via e-mail.
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Live On Campus Introduces The Wire

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Live On Campus

Bringing campus living to life, The Wire is now live and provides a unique experience and insight into college content.Most people choose one college but are always curious about life at other schools. Live On Campus allows a person to indulge their curiosity and live vicariously through the content from other campuses. Live On Campus hopes to bring the world a little closer in helping everyone appreciate the diversity of campuses around the world.
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