Add Share With Orkut Button To Your WordPress Blog

Orkut has recently come up with an experimental release of their API titled Orkut Share API. Orkut seems to be catching up with Facebook by allowing web publishers as well as it’s users to share links from web pages on it’s social networking portal. Facebook is the number one social networking site in the world while sites like Orkut are however still popular with Indian and Brazilian users (wonder if they’ve heard of Facebook).

Anyways in case you’re interested in adding a simple ‘Share With Orkut’ button under your WordPress blog posts or articles, simply insert the following code in your WordPress theme file for single post (single.php). Adding a share with Orkut button can be useful to cross promote your blog posts across social networking sites.
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5 Features I Want From Project Natal

project natal sensor

Now I’m not much of a gamer but I’d love to get my hands on a slick gaming console even if it’s just for causal gaming purposes. I had my eyes on Nintendo Wii for quite some time and then my friends wanted me to buy Mixrosoft Xbox 360 console instead. While I was in the confused state of mind I came across the Microsoft Project Natal. Now that is something that could bring the gamer out of a lazy arse like me. Project Natal is a highly futuristic gaming concept developed at Microsoft or I might say it’s being currently developed at Microsoft. Project Natal is due this holiday season and I’m desperately waiting for it apart from the zillions of other gaming fans.

Project Natal involves no gaming controllers, instead you can interact or play games using gestures like hand and feet movement, speaking to the console or presenting objects and stuff that’ll be picked up by the Godzilla or sensors in a tiny console. Now we can only imagine what all Project Natal could do with this. So here’s my list of five features I’d love to have in Project Natal.
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Facebook Gets a Twitter Retweet-like Feature

facebook retweet screenshot

Facebook has once again gone the Twitter-like way. Facebook has now introduced a feature that is similar to Twitter’s retweet function. The new feature has now gone live for all Facebook users. It only seems to be working for sharing links across a user’s news feed. When you click on share on a link posted by any of your friend on your news feed you are presented with a screen that includes the name of your source. Once you do post the link it appears like this;
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Twitter Goes Down!

I just woke up after a quick nap and went straight up to the desk to grab the laptop. The geek in me wanted to let the world know I had woken up. All of a sudden, Twitter is mysteriously hiding itself from me. I was not able to log-in on Dabr, Twitter web or post on Gravity using my phone. I hurled a good amount of profanity at AirTel broadband, only to later realize that Twitter is officially down.

twitter fail whale

The current Twitter outage is still on as I write this post. Both TechCrunchand Mashable have reported that the downtime has lasted for at least 30-40 minutes so far, so it’s more than an hour now. No one is able to post or even access their accounts on Twitter. I can really understand how all those geeks, like me, are feeling right now, the urge to tweet must be killing everyone. As of now, the Twitter fail whale is swimming and smiling in joy.

Update: Twitter is finally up now after an outage of about 1 hour.

Social Media for Chicks!

[Starting this week we’re featuring a biweekly column on technology for chicks. This column will feature technology related news, reviews, tips and tricks and more. The language shall be kept as simple and as human as possible. This one’s for all the chicks out there!]

When you hear the words ‘Social Media’ all around you, all the time, you know it’s got to be something special. Social media consists of various Internet and Mobile based online tools for sharing information amongst various users. This information can range from simple short text messages or complete articles. Social media is the combination of technology, telecom and interactivity. The sharing for information includes text, audio and video as well.

What makes social media so spicy is that it is powered by general users. Yes, users like you and me. Millions of people power the social media across the globe. This separates social media from the industrial media which is dependent on a handful of reporters.
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