The Social Network – A Movie on Facebook

Sony Pictures has released the first poster for their upcoming comedy based on the social networking giant Facebook. The movie is titled ‘The Social Network’. The Social Network is based on how Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg. The movie’s posters showcases Jesse Eisenberg as Mark.

The film will hit movie theaters this October and is anticipated the be an interesting one. At least for all geeks like us. Not that Mark Zukerberg is popular for all the right reasons but since the movie is tagged as a comedy it’ll be interesting too see some Zukerberg jokes.
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Facebook Launches Simple Privacy Controls. Again.

Facebook has woken up to the recent privacy buzz across the web. Facebook has been accused of providing a mesh of privacy options too hard for a person to control. Some people have even gone to the extent of working on an anti-Facebook solution due to Facebook’s recent privacy fiasco. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg acknowledged that the earlier privacy settings were indeed complex.
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The Twittversary

twitterThis post is a dedication on my completion of one year on Twitter as an active but not a verified account! Twitter, a social networking and a microblogging site took the world by a storm after hi5, Orkut, Myspace, Facebook and full length blogging. After having accounts on Orkut and Facebook, well…the ascent was obvious. So I finally joined twitter on 26th may, 2009. There is a story behind it too.

Being a girl I am expected to be jealous. And I was jealous of twitter *hides face*. Jealous because @hary_jerry used to tweet a lot and it made me wonder what the hell this was which was intruding our lives so much. I considered twitter as a second girl in @harry_jerry’s life. Every time he used to utter the word ‘twitter’ or ‘tweet’, I used to fret and fume like anything. So finally out of curiosity I signed up on twitter after a much brainstorming for the twitter handle, and finally agreed with myself on the name @morphiine because first of all it’s the word that finds mention in chemistry, is addictive and its over dosage can kill. I instantly agreed with the addictive and killing by over dosage part as (I made out the highly narcissist reason later for choosing this handle) it clearly portrays my personality. Finally I started to tweet. It was bit difficult to get used to the idea of what following and followers meant, how you @ anyone you want to reply to and most of all WHAT to tweet actually. The idea is, to tweet any damn thing if you know how to press keys.

One year down the line of tweeting, I can call myself, if not an addict then surely glued to it. I still wonder that what is it that makes people want to tweet so much! It’s the idea of tweeting that keeps everything going. Twitter has a language of its own, people is #tweeple, hugs become #twugs, meet up is #tweetup, matrimony #twittmony and anniversary #twittversary , pictures posted become twitpic and many more. Well for the outcome part I learnt to use #hashtags which can be as stupid at times as #Iamaddictedtostupidhashtags. Got the meanings of #TGIF (thank God its Friday ) #WTF #FTW (for the win ), CLT (currently listening to). Been a part of trends like #nowplaying #iconicindianads #musicalmonday etc. and the greatest achievement was to attend a #chdtweetup (Chandigarh meet up) .

With a new celebrity joining it every day, and people joining as to find out why celebrities are joining, the trend is definitely catching up. Having a twitter ID is in vogue these days. The day isn’t far when everyone, just everyone will have a twitter profile. By the way, if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Do get a profile before 2012. Hope to see you following soon! *winks*

Editor’s note: You can catch up with Navneet on Twitter here. You can also check out her #Twittversary hash tag here. BTW congrats and thanks a lot for being on Twitter lady. You make my life a lot easier!

Will YOU leave Facebook for this open source alternative?

Four New York University students have voiced their opinion against the social giant Facebook in an innovative manner. They are going to launch a Facebook alternative that shall be an open source web service that puts it’s users in control of their data. Something tech pundits have given the term anti-Facebook.

The news comes as no surprise amidst growing concerns over Facebook’s privacy policies. Users have ranted about how Facebook’s new privacy features have doomed their online social networking experience time and again. Some users were forced to shut down their profiles on Facebook as a result of growing suspicion that their private data might become openly accessible.
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Facebook to take on Foursquare and Gowalla!

Facebook is all set to take on Fourquare and Gowalla as per reports leaked on the Internet. Facebook is coming up with it’s location based services for users and advertisers. The new features will allow users to post relevant data along with their exact location. Something that current startups like Fourquare and Gowalla excel at, will now be offered to Facebook’s users. The startups will have to face the social media giant Facebook.

It’s still unclear whether how Facebook will roll out it’s services to the users and advertisers and what exactly is Facebook’s idea of location based services. It’s certain that current startups that made it big on the web from their innovative location based check-in services will face the heat in the coming months. Facebook has a huge user base and it can overtake any startup in a jiffy in terms of location based services.

Facebook had earlier tried to become Twitter and failed considerably. It’s trying it’s hand on becoming Foursquare and here it might just succeed. As far as brands are concerned Mc Donalds is believed to be the first to test Facebook’s latest location based features with it’s users.

We’ll have to wait and see if Facebook’s new features are worth a shot. As it is Foursquare and Gowalla have a dedicated fan base of users that check-in to various retail spots and other locations across the globe. The trend is just catching up and it’s the right time for Facebook to jump in as well.

Is your ex-boyfriend on Twitter?

social media twitterI was having a conversation the other day with she-who-must-not-be-named about how social media has changed our lives. There came a point in the conversation when I started going blah blah about Twitter and how a simple idea has now turned into the Godzilla of social media. I suddenly realized that this friend of mine didn’t have a clue about what Twitter exactly was. She had heard about Twitter in the dailies and her idea of Twitter was a new age MySpace on which celebrities boasted about their worth.

I’ve had a rough time explaining Twitter and how to use it to people. It’s more easier to let them join the site and check it out for themselves rather than explaining the concepts of @replies, retweets, followers etc. So I asked this friend of mine to join Twitter and start by following some of the people I follow.
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Facebook Zero Launched for Mobile Carriers

facebook zero

Facebook is playing Superman for mobile carriers who’re already choking on bandwidth. Facebook today announced the launch of Facebook Zero, a text-only mobile site, for a select set of mobile carriers. Facebook Zero is a stripped down version of Facebook’s existing mobile site.

You can access Facebook Zero at from your mobile device if it has been enabled for your operator. Chances are pretty slim although. Facebook will offer Zero to mobile carriers at no extra charge. Operators have the choice to provide it for free to their subscribe and if a user wishes to access data intensive applications like photos etc. on the mobile then an operator might choose to charge their users.

For Facebook it’s yet another method to add to the increasing the usage amongst mobile users, another step towards fetching Twitter-lovers.
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Marc Stoiber at TEDx Vancouver

For all those who simply join Save Tigers pages on Facebook and hope they’ve done their bit, for all those who use social media and for everyone who aims to understand the true use of social media. An excellent talk by Marc Stoiber at TEDx Vancouver.

And by the way I’ll be attending TEDx Gurgaon this month! 🙂