Google’s Nexus One & The Indian Perespective

google nexus one phone photoIn the recent 48 hours the Google Phone has upgraded itself from a just another speculation to a fully featured smartphone device capable of keeping jaws wide open. I understand it’s still too early to comment about the Google phone (aka Nexus One) and it’s launch in the Indian mobile phones market but since rumors have it that Google is planning to launch the phone in US by as early as January 2010, it makes sense to think over Google’s worldwide plans. It’s clear that Google will sell the Nexus One phones in unlocked state. So Google won’t need to bother on partnering with mobile phone networks before starting to sell phones. However in the US it is tying up with T-mobile to offer Nexus One along with a contract. But then it won’t be a compulsion.
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Dell is launching smartphones!

Dell is entering the smartphone market soon. At least the rumors say so! Dell’s smartphones, codenamed as ‘MePhone’, would be based on Google’s Android and Windows Mobile platform. The expected date of general availability of Dell’s smartphones is early September 2009 (09/09/09 as per rumors). It is believed that Dell would focus on ‘customizable’ smartphones. Customize what? Hardware, software? Of course there are no obvious details as of now.

dell smartphone photo specificationsThe smartphone would come in all touch screen and slide-out keyboard versions. It’s clear that Apple’s iPhone has got some competition coming towards it. I’m personally sick of the so called iPhone killer phones that have only left the iPhone grinning it’s way to glory. We’ll have to wait and watch on how Dell’s smartphone tackles the ever populating smartphone market. RIM’s Blackberry could also feel the heat.

It’ll be more interesting to watch how Dell markets the smartphones in the big Indian mobile phone industry. The high priced iPhone 3G left most of the mobile phone buyers hungry and waiting for an alternative.

Could Dell break the iPhone spell in the mobile phone market? You never know!