The Evolving Indian Mobile Phone Buyer

[quote_left]For one, people weren’t asking for a Nokia phone. It’s true that Indians have worshiped Nokia like the Goddess of mobile phones for a long time.[/quote_left]The last time I walked into a local mobile phone store here, I could notice a significant change in the way people bought their phones. Now India is a huge country. A billion people just cannot fit into a single category of cell phone buyers. Everyone has their own needs and budget is one of the most important reasons for making a final choice here. Don’t worry I’m not going to write a thesis on the types of mobile phone buyers in India here. I’m only going to explain the segment I particularly found interesting.
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Waterproof Smartphones Might Save The World!

waterproof smartphone

How many times have you dropped your smartphone in water and seen a 500 dollar note floating like a dead kitten? That’s just warranty saying, ‘goodbye and good luck now’. Seems like it’s all going to change soon. A company has already impressed the likes of Samsung and Apple at CES 2012 that makes your smartphones, wait for it, waterproof.

The technology, called HZO, applies a shield of water-repelling properties inside a phone or any electronic gadget for that matter. The end result? Drop the phone in a fish tank and it won’t hurt you! This isn’t something new either. Motorola has been selling phones that are waterproof, dustproof and at times even buyer-proof.

What would be really interesting to see is that Samsung or even Apple buying the whole idea. I really want to see this on the next iPhone. Who doesn’t want a superhero smartphone that won’t start crying when it’s wet?

The End Of An Indian iPhone 4S Dream

iphone 4s in india

It’s almost two hours past midnight and the iPhone 4S has officially gone on sale here in India. Just to make myself very clear here, I am not writing this post sitting outside an Apple reseller/Aircel/Airtel store. There are no queues (none reported as yet) outside any official stores. Seems like all the Apple fanboys, including me, are hiding deep inside their quilts. Have we stopped loving Apple? Are we not impressed by the greatest iPhone ever? Well, not really.
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When Can I Buy an iPhone 4S in India?

iphone 4s comic

The answer to the above question depends on who you are – rich or poor. Either way you’re an Apple enthusiast if you’ve landed here and are still reading the second sentence of this post. If you’re rich enough you can get someone to buy you an iPhone 4S and get it delivered in India and that won’t take more than a week. If you’re poor, like me, and are having a hard time saving money to buy the iPhone 4S let alone ordering it for a premium, you’ll have to wait for a long time.

iPhone 4S launched in US, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan and the UK. No doubt these are all rich countries and Apple wants a good amount of their savings first. Next on the list is another bunch of lucky-ass countries who’ll get to buy an iPhone 4S on 28th October. Apple mentioned there would be 70+ countries who’ll get to see iPhone 4S being sold there but we still don’t have any confirmation as to which countries are included in that list. India, it seems, isn’t anywhere on that list.
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Windows Phone 7 – My Latest Crush

Thanks to my cousin, I finally got my hands on a Windows Phone 7 device today. He recently bought a Samsung Focus smartphone and upgraded to Mango. I decided to play around with the device for some time and do a little experiment of my own. I told myself I would look at it from an end user’s perspective who is simply a casual smartphone user. Given that the user does have a prior exposure to both iPhone and Android based phones.
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5 Reasons Why Apple Won’t Launch iPhone 4S in India

iphone 4s india

As you’re all probably aware of the fact that Apple recently announced the next iPhone titled the iPhone 4S. The new iPhone is available for pre-order now in select countries. Apple also mentioned that a bunch of other countries would also receive the iPhone 4S very soon and then by the end of this year 70+ countries would get to taste Apple’s most amazing iPhone yet.

So why don’t we Indians get to have the iPhone 4S the same time our American relatives get to flaunt it? Apart from logical reasons, I’ve come up with my own list of five obvious ones.
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