Google Announces Google Chrome OS

Google today announced the Google Chrome Operating System project. Google’s operating system shall be an open source, light operating system. It’s supposed to be targeted at netbooks beginning 2010. It’s also targeted at kicking Microsoft’s arse. The operating system will be available for general consumers by the end of 2010.

Google claims it’s designing it’s Chrome operating system from the basics while still trying hard to make it work. They want it to be free of viruses, spyware etc. Now that’s something every Windows user wants. Whether it will be able to live up to the standards is only a matter of time. For now, Google’s got everyone curious and those folks at Microsoft peeing in their pants.

Gmail Goes Offline. And it’s good news!

The good folks at Gmail have launched an experimental feature at Gmail Labs which will make Gmail accessible offline. No I am not joking and this is not another Google magic trick. At times when you’re not able to access your web based e-mail account due to connection issues this will come handy.

Offline Gmail makes use of Gears. Using Gears it will download a local cache of your mail. Your e-mails will be in sync with Gmail’s servers as long as you have a connection to the Internet. In case you lose your connection, Gmail will automatically switch to the offline mode. Now Gmail will use the data on your hard drive rather than passing it on to the network. You can do all sorts of stuff you possibly do while reading e-mails on Gmail. If you write new messages then they’ll be stores in your outbox until Gmail finds a connection and when it does, it’ll send your mail. Cool! Isn’t it?

Offline Gmail will be available to users from US, UK initially in the coming few days. It’ll be visible under the Labs tab inside your Gmail accounts. And yes you’ll need to download Gears to use offline Gmail.

Happy Gmailing!

Presentation: Google For Webmasters

google training presentation for webmasters

An excellent training presentation has been released by the good folks at Google. The presentation aims at explaining all the Google Search concepts to the webmasters including fluctuating page rank, image search, duplicate content etc. It’s a 20 minute presentation, a must-watch for all webmasters, search engine optimization experts and bloggers. You can view the presentation online here and you can download the slides used in the audio/video presentation here.

Google’s Android powered phone is coming!

google android powered tmobile htc dream

It’s official! The well known Google Android powered phone is all set for launch. T-Mobile is launching the first Android powered mobile phone on 23rd September this year. Invitations to the launch event have leaked all over the net. The HTC-manufactured phone would be launched at a media-only event and the phone is expected to hit stores next month in October all over US.

The Android powered phone will combine an iPhone style touch screen technology along with a job ball, accelerometer like the one in iPhone. The most speculated feature attached with Android is that it’s open. Any developer can register, develop applications for Android powered phones and submit it to the online Android marketplace.

Pricing isn’t out as yet but reports suggest a price tag of around $400 without contract. You can expect HTC to officially launch the phone in India by the year end. Will Android live up to it’s expectations? Well, we’ll see!

Google Crome heats up the Browser Wars!

Google Crome review comparison Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Google Crome is the latest entrant in the Browser Wars. A company like Google coming up with something like a web browser. Well it’s huge news obviously. But then anything tagged Google makes news. Google Crome is a sleek and super sexy web browser. It’s a no nonsense browser with everything you need and nothing that makes it look more obese than you. Google has had a long term relationship with Mozilla over past couple of years. They might be still holding hands and singing romantic numbers but everyone knows the gravity of the situation. Microsoft on the other hand is freaking out with it’s own issues with Internet Explorer 8. I tried both Google Crome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 today. I found Google Croma extremely useful and practical. It’s like the girl of your dreams. Not perfect as yet but it’s in Beta and there’s still a long way to go. Internet Explorer 8 still remains like that one fat chick your parents want you to get married to. You’ll do anything but marry her…err..I mean install Internet Explorer 8.

Google Crome is still new but very useful. It has already replaced Mozilla Firefox as the default browser on my machine. There are still some issues cropping out of the wild on Google Crome. Crome has a potential to be a very secure web browser. As of now I don’t think anyone should rely on it’s security. A big no to using credit cards on Crome right now. Google Crome is open-source and built on some really cool ideas. It is based on WebKit rendering engine. It is used by Apple Safari. 

Way to go Google! Kick some ass!

Google “App”titude Challenge!

google apptitude contest Google and Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi have come up with a contest called the “App”titude Challenge! To spread it’s Education Suite programs under Google Apps, this contest plans to implement Google Apps at various Engineering and MBA colleges across India. Google Apps Education Edition is a free suite of online products which include E-Mail (powered by Gmail), Online documents, Instant Messaging (powered by GTalk) and shareable calenders. All trademark Google products. The education edition is available free of cost for educational purposes.

What’s the deal?

One team will represent one college. Google will group all participants in a group after the registration period is over. Each group can be suitably comprised of 5 students and one faculty member. You have to deploy Google Apps at the highest level in your college. The most innovative way of deployment will earn extra points.

What do we win?

Teams that successfully implement Google Apps by December 15, 2008 will receive:
+A Certificate of Implementation
+Publication of your team’s name and member names on this website

For the team that deployed Google Apps by December 15, 2008 and also achieved the highest level of Google Apps usage at their college will receive:

+ A case study to be featured on our Google Apps website as well as a video testimonial featured on our Google Apps YouTube channel
+ A letter of recommendation from FMS and Google
+ An all expense paid trip for your team to visit one of our Google India offices

Also there is a bonus prize!

Although it sounds interesting but I have this feeling that I shouldn’t even try thinking of getting involved in this challenge. No I don’t have anything against Google. I love Google. It’s just that the college authorities at my end will show an iota of cooperation. I am dead sure about that.

Ah! I really want that trip to a Google India office!!!!

Here comes the Google Search killer!

Ex-Googlers have got together to bring out a new cool search engine called Cuil (pronounced cool.) The last time it’s developer Anna Patterson developed something similar it was purchased by search engine leader Google Inc. This time Anna says her search engine is not for sale. She quit Google in 2006 to develop a new comprehensive search engine. Backed by $33 Million in venture capital, Cuil has started processing search requests from today.

google killer search engine Cuil!

Cuil’s search engine index spans a whopping 120 Billion web pages. That is roughly three times the Google search index and ten times the MSN Search index. What makes Cuil different from Google and other conventional search engines is that it drills down the content of the page and doesn’t lay stress on ranking the quality and quantity of links on the web page. Cuil displays search results in a horizontal magazine fashion along with images. There are sidebars to further refine the search results. Whether Cuil will be a Google Search killer or not might still be a long distance ahead but it could certainly give Google a run for their money. Cuil joins a list of other search engines currently trying to grab the attention of web users. It includes start-ups like Teoma, Vivisimo, Snap, Mahalo and, recently Powerset which was acquired by Microsoft this month. All the best Cuil!

Surprised! Google thinks I’m a bot.

funny google message bug or error

We’re sorry…

… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

Yes. Google thinks I’m a bot! Got this screen while using Lively. I didn’t do anything to bomb their servers, I simply clicked on Sign-in. Ok. I’m scared now. What if the next time I try to sign-in and they tell me I’m an alien or something?

Google launches Lively, a Virtual World!

Lively by Google reviewGoogle recently launched Lively, a virtual world service that it plans to deploy on social networks on the web. Using Lively, a user can create an avatar and a virtual room. These can then be embedded on any web page, blog or a social networking profile. Lively shall be heavily deployed in various social networking platforms. Your personal avatar and virtual rooms will be integrated with your Google accounts. These can be used on all Google’s services in the near future. Here’s how Lively works:

Lively Virtual CharacterDownload Lively:

To get started you need to download Lively first. It is a browser plug-in. You’ll need to have a Google account to start using it. Once you’re done with downloading it you can start creating your avatar. You can customize various attributes such as skin, clothes, hair color, eyes etc. This makes to eligible to enter the various virtual rooms at Lively.

Virtual Rooms:

Just like avatars, Lively lets you create your own virtual rooms as well. You can customize your own virtual rooms from the wide array of options available to you. Once you have created a room you can embed it on any web page.


You can chat with other Lively users once you’re in a virtual room. You can check out several user created virtual rooms on Lively. Once you are inside a virtual room you can interact with other users in the room. You can build your own buddy lists by inviting your friends on Lively. Engineering Manager Niniane Wang hints that Lively would be integrated with major social networking platforms.

So here’s another way to kill time online. Although ambitious, this might just take a lot of time for it’s users to get used to it.