Buy Google Nexus S Phone in India

buy nexus one in india

Seems like you can get your hands on the Google Nexus S smartphone in India soon, unofficially of course. Google’s next Android based device is available for a pre-order on Ebay India. The seller is based in India and is promising delivery of the Nexus S by 1 January 2011. The listing seems genuine since the seller does have a 100% feedback on the site. It is currently priced at around Rs. 32,999. Although the seller hasn’t mentioned whether it’ll be the unlocked version, it doesn’t really matter since Google has declared that it will be selling both locked and unlocked versions of the Nexus S.
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Facebook V/S Google – My two cents

google facebook clash
The way this world works is when each of us fulfil our own obligation or liability. The system doesn’t work on a single node but it works as a collective result of all the nodes functioning as a cohesive unit.

Back then when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were trying hard to place a personal computer in every home, it wasn’t just their genius invention that made people go gaga over what cool stuff these machines could do.
It was a result of a combination of hundred of tiny components put together by Steve and Bill, components manufactured by various different suppliers. Imagine a PC without them?
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How To Use Google Buzz On Your Phone?

google buzz screenshotGoogle has launched Google Buzz today which is quite a step into the social web arena. Google Buzz lets you share information and communicate with your friends, just like the way you do right now on various social applications, in a much cooler way. Google Buzz also provides enhanced location based services that you can use on your mobile devices.

There are several ways you can use Google Buzz on your smartphone/mobile device:

1. Mobile web browser

If you own an Android based smartphone or an Apple iPhone you can visit from your mobile’s web browser to access Google Buzz. Using Google Buzz you can stay in touch with your friends as well as attach geographical location.

2. Using Google Maps application

You can access a layer of Google Buzz on your Google Maps application. You can make a post on Buzz using the app as well as upload a photo too. You can also access Place Pages from the Google Maps application for Google Buzz. The buzz layer for Google Maps application is currently available for iPhone (web maps), Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian based phones.

3. Homepage

When you visit homepage from your phone you can simply tap the buzz icon that shall appear on the right top corner of the web page.

4. Using Voice Shortcut

You can access Google Buzz using the voice shortcut widget on Android based phones as well as Google Mobile App on the Apple iPhone. Here you can post a buzz simply without typing. How cool is that?

Google Goes Social With Google Buzz!

google buzzThe web is now social and Google indeed doesn’t want to lag behind especially at a time when Twitter, Facebook along with other social applications are making the most of it. So Google has decided to take the leap and today it launched Google Buzz. In an event at Google headquarters at Mountain View, CA, Google has just launched and demonstrated the next Google product for the social web.

So what exactly is Google Buzz? First of all Google Buzz is built into Gmail. We all use Gmail and we love it. Google Buzz is simply a brand new way to share stuff with your friends and communicate with them right inside Gmail. Google Buzz is supposed to offer a rich and fast sharing experience to it’s users with added sugar to media. The good folks at Google believe there’s so much of data on the social front that now it needs cleaning, taking out the noise. So Google Buzz will contribute in providing users with an optimum social tool minus the pain. Google also demonstrated the mobile side of Buzz during the launch event. I’ll have to admit I’m very optimistic about this product from Google.

Google Buzz will roll out to some Gmail users beginning today. Buzz will be available right inside Gmail, under the inbox link. Google will entirely enable Google Buzz for all Gmail users in the coming few days. People on Twitter are already speculating on the success of Google’s latest launch. I believe the Google Wave preview experience is to blame for that. Not everyone understood what Wave actually was and the mad rush for invitations got everyone disliking Wave initially. Google Buzz isn’t exactly Wave and plus it’s got a lot more social touch to it considering the Gmail integration.

Here’s a video from Google about Google Buzz:

Demo: Chrome OS Tablet Mockup

Still salivating over the recently launched Apple iPad? Well here’s a demo of how Google’s open source Chrome OS would look on a tablet. The video was posted on the official Chromium OS website. Please note that this is just a mock-up. There’s no official word on whether Google will release a tablet version of Chrome OS or a dedicated tablet device in the near future. We cannot however rule out the obvious possibilities.

Take a look at the demo of Chrome OS Tablet here.
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Microsoft Launching Zune-like Phone?

microsoft phone

Microsoft has always maintained that their main goal in the mobile phone world has been software. Apparently things are going to change pretty soon with the word being out that Microsoft is all set to launch a Windows Mobile 7 based mobile phone in the coming few months. If this is true then Microsoft’s much talked about ‘Pink‘ project might be back in the groove. The Microsoft phone might debut at Mobile World Conference during February next month or at CTIA, Las Vegas later.
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How To Resolve Nexus One Problems?

Google’s Nexus One is taking the heat as it’s users have now started complaining about certain problems with Nexus One. Google might lose customers due to the lack of direct support channels as provided by other mobile phone manufacturers to it’s users. I bet users are missing the direct call to support option for Nexus One. Google has sold around 20,000 Nexus One phones in it’s initial launch period.

nexus one problems

Some of the Nexus One users have complained about certain issues that affect the smartphone device and they’re desperately seeking help across various channels. One of my friend in the US who has bought a Nexus One claims he’s being pushed off from manufacturer HTC to Google and then to the mobile service provider and the loop goes on.
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How Google Ranks Twitter Updates in Search Results?

real time results on google

Google had recently implemented results from Twitter on it’s search engine. The real-time updates or tweets provide users with relevant information from blogs and elsewhere posted on Twitter. Search engines such as Bing and Cuil also incorporate real-time search results for their users. Apparently Google had to alter it’s page ranking algorithm to accommodate it’s real-time results. So how does Google decide which tweets get priority over others?

Amit Singhal, a Google fellow, says that Google’s algorithm aims to make out ‘reputed followers’ amongst Twitter users. Amit led the development on real-time search at Google. In an interview with MIT’s Technology Review, Amit says;

“You earn reputation, and then you give reputation. If lots of people follow you, and then you follow someone–then even though this [new person] does not have lots of followers,” his tweet is deemed valuable because his followers are themselves followed widel. It is “definitely, definitely” more than a popularity contest”

However such tricks from reputed followers isn’t the only part of Google’s algorithm to rank tweets. Google seems to have ways to keep spam at bay while making out the relevant tweets from commonly used terms. Google also plans to make it’s real-time results more relevant by adding geo-tagging data. That’s something that could prove to be useful in the smartphones sector.

Smartphone or Superphone?

google nexus one photos

While Google recently revealed it’s Nexus One smartphone and called it a ‘superphone’, there’s already an obvious healthy debate in the industry on whether it’s time to shift from the term smartphones to superphones. Google came up with a new jargon for phones, superphones, and tagged it with it’s Nexus One launch. Many enthusiasts believe Google simply coined the term for marketing purposes. But the question is a legitimate one, have smartphones really become so super?

It’ clear that today’s superphone is tomorrow’s smartphone. Let’s first define what we mean or what Google means by the term superphone. A smartphone with open-source software that is both powerful and highly efficient. That’s how Google could define it I suppose. In layman’s terms a superphone is simply a smartphone on steroids, or what I call a super smartphone. Alright enough! Haven’t these words already started giving you a headache?
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