The New Bing!

new bing

The new Bing looks pretty useful. Microsoft claims that with the new Bing you’ll be ‘spending less time searching, more time doing’.

Doing what? Asking friends on Facebook, blocking annoying friends who’d ask you random search queries a search engine couldn’t satisfy and many more. Anyways I’ll still be using the default search engine on my web browser (Google for now). However search is still broken somewhere, social might be the first step in solving it, definitely not the final one.

The End Of An Indian iPhone 4S Dream

iphone 4s in india

It’s almost two hours past midnight and the iPhone 4S has officially gone on sale here in India. Just to make myself very clear here, I am not writing this post sitting outside an Apple reseller/Aircel/Airtel store. There are no queues (none reported as yet) outside any official stores. Seems like all the Apple fanboys, including me, are hiding deep inside their quilts. Have we stopped loving Apple? Are we not impressed by the greatest iPhone ever? Well, not really.
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Killing and Dying Technologies

adobe flash is dead

When it comes to new technologies, everyone is a pundit. We all become little fortune tellers who love to predict which new technology would shape our future in the coming years and which one is doomed right from the word go. No wonder every new product that is supposed to take on a previous favorite amongst most users is initially dubbed as a ‘killer’ device. After a while, the killer finds itself in it’s own coffin.
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The $99 Tablet Dream

hp touchpad sale

If I could get a ride on a time machine, not much but just a couple of months back, I’d love to get into the tablet business. Am I crazy? Don’t I know Apple is already kicking some serious ass here? Of course. But wait till you hear my plans. I’d love to start my own company that would sell tablets to consumers. We design tablets, get them manufactured in bulk in cheap Chinese factories and let’s just assume we put Android on them.

We keep the launch fancy and spread a little rumor about how awesome our little product is. We manage a few blog posts and a couple of articles in the print media. Launch day – the product is announced at a price tag of $499 with not-so-awesome features that are pretty much standard with every tablet in the market. Why would anyone buy a tablet from a new company? Of course, we don’t want you to buy. Not yet.
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Google+ Affecting Search Results on Google

It has been just a few days since I joined Google+ and it has already started affecting my search results on Google. This can really freak you out at the beginning but then you realize this could be gold! I am not going to talk like a tech pundit and declare Google is on it’s way to winning the social-wars but one thing is for certain – Google got it right this time. Or that’s how it seems so far.

google plus search

My search query ‘huddle’ revealed (I was signed in to Google+) two surprising results. Apart from the obvious first result, Google mentioned that one of my friends (in one of my circles) had shared this link on Twitter. Now it doesn’t really make much of a difference since it is the top most result and I am bound to click on it, it does however project an image of how different things could turn out provided this started appearing on certain search results.
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Mark Zuckerberg Reviews Google+

google plus

The past week has been really interesting. Apart from working on something really awesome that we’re going to announce this coming Wednesday, I also got a chance to play around with Google’s new kid they call Google+. It’s a funny name because I thought it was just a cover for their +1 button. Running Facebook’s day to day operations sucks the juice out of my life but still I still decided to give it a shot.
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Get Google+ Invitations Now!

google plus invitations

Google+ is Google’s latest attempt at going social. It is currently available to a limited audience. They’ve currently closed the invitation system but there’s still a workaround to send invitations. In case you’re interested, drop your e-mail id in the comments section below and I’ll send one to you. But hurry, Google might wake up and cover this hole anytime now!

PS: Please use the format username[at] or simply drop me a mail at [email protected]

Update: The workaround to invite people over to Google+ doesn’t seem to work anymore. Please don’t make any further request and wait until Google opens up the invitation system for Google+ or I can find some other workaround.

google plus invitations
Update: I’ve got some invitations to share, finally! Sending to the people who’ve commented here earlier. Bring some more on and let’s see how many can get through this time.

Will You Buy Google Chromebooks?

chrome os netbooksGoogle has now officially entered a whole new territory with it’s newly launched Chromebooks. In simple words these are extremely light laptops that run Google’s Chrome OS and store user data on the cloud. You can pretty much use it as a disposable machine and even throw one into the river without fearing your data might get lost (watch video below). As of now Google has revealed specifications for two Chromebooks to be sold by Samsung and Acer. The Chromebooks go on sale from June 15.

If you run down the set of features on the Chromebooks, they include – instant boot time of 8 seconds, WiFi and 3G connectivity, complete storage on the cloud, web applications using Chrome web store, automatic updates and a few things here and there. So in my opinion, Google’s Chromebooks are pretty much another version of a netbook. Only in this case they run on Chrome OS and of course Google’s reputation.
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Microsoft buys Skype. Now what?

skype microsoft buyout

Unless you’re living inside a cave (or a large luxury compound) you must be aware of the news that Microsoft has bought Skype. The deal which went through today would cost Microsoft $8.5 billion. The official announcement is expected very soon though. Apparently the all cash deal is the largest in the history of Microsoft. Facebook and Google were also deeply interested in buying Skype. Microsoft seems to have walked away with the booty and it does sound like a great deal, although it may be too pricey. However Facebook will still get to dip it’s beak into Skype as Microsoft is an investor and a friendly one too.

If we look at what Microsoft could do with Skype, there are plenty of good things to come. Apart from everything else, I’m really interested to see a Skype and Kinect mashup. That would be something really cool. Apart from that Microsoft can really think of kicking some butt using Skype when it comes to competing with Google Voice and Apple’s Facetime.

As for me, I’m expecting frequent updates and security patches for Skype, deeper integration with Microsoft Windows operating system and enterprise level products integration. Another point everyone is still discussing is the price tag, it does seem a bit too much but Microsoft has set it’s eyes on something huge here and let’s see how they can make the most of it. As for Skype’s employees, I wonder how many of them quit tonight.