5 Web Platforms to Watch Out for in 2010

web platforms in 2010

Real-time web and mobile platforms are set to take over our little lives in a big way. We saw it in 2009, it’ll only get bigger in 2010. Today I’ll take a look at 5 of the most promising web platforms for 2010. So what is a web platform? A web platform is simply an API that allows developers to access data from another company or website. It can be a set of services or a dedicated development platform. Modern web platforms have revolutionized the way people access information on the World Wide Web and they shall continue to do so as more and more platforms emerge in the wild.

Here’s a look at 5 web platforms to watch out for in 2010;

1. Twitter
2. Facebook
3. Android
4. iPhone
5. Azure

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Facebook’s New Privacy Settings Are Cool

facebook privacy status messageFacebook has recently come up with new privacy settings for all it’s users. In the recent 24 hours it has implemented the new privacy controls across all users you have signed in by taking them to the settings page right after they logged in. I have always been a fan of Facebook’s privacy features. It’s something no social network cared about, a simple yet very important feature, privacy.

Facebook’s new privacy controls are an added advancement to their existing set of privacy features. Implementing privacy across a set of 350 million users who have their own different requirements is not an easy job. Facebook has gone the right way by letting you take full control of all your content on Facebook. Now you can control everything from photos to your status messages, you’re in charge of the who-sees-what world.
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Group Chat With Facebook & Twitter Friends

In what appears to be the ultimate marriage between Facebook and Twitter, here’s a tool that brings the best of social worlds together. Or correctly, it’s users. Savor Chat is a new web based application that lets Facebook and Twitter users create and maintain real time chat rooms and invite their friends from Facebook and Twitter to join in the conversation.

group chat online
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Orkut’s New Look is Hi5-ish!

orkut new look review

Orkut recently started inviting members to try out it’s new design. I’ve been using it for the past one week, long enough to write a review. Orkut is currently India’s most popular social networking site as per statistics. Facebook is one step behind but I have a feeling it’ll catch up pretty soon. Orkut’s redesign might act as a catalyst. Yes I said that.

I feel Orkut’s previous design was way better organized than the current one. The new design makes Orkut more Hi5-ish. In an attempt to simplify the interface Orkut has failed miserably.

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How Social Games Make Money

farmville makes money Addicted to sowing seeds, begging for gifts, harvesting and moving up levels on Farmville? At least I’m pretty much done with Farmville updates in my feed. Annoying it may be to people like me but for a good chunk of Facebook-ers it’s highly addictive. Some of my friends’ girlfriends have complained about lack of attention bestowed upon them by their Farmville-loving boyfriends ever since the social gaming scenario exploded on the Internet. So how do these social games actually make money? Well let’s find out.

The 3 new major players in the social gaming world are Zynga, Playfish and Playdom. Zynga’s most popular application on Facebook has 61 million monthly users. It is no doubt Farmville. Playfish’s Pet Society has almost 21 million users while Playdom boasts of more than 16 million users on both MySpace and Facebook. So many users, so much potential. Zynga plans to go public soon while there are rumors floating around that Playdom might have been acquired by EA for a whopping $400 million. These companies are believed to be generating as much as $300 million annually on the sales of virtual goods.
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3 Idiots Promo is out!

Now that the promo for the Aamir Khan starrer 3 Idiots is finally out, I expect Aamir to pull out some more stunts from his pocket and throw it at the public. The recent Facebook ‘Pucca Idiot’ may not have gone too far but you never know when it’s Aamir Khan. I don’t care if you start smoking again Aamir or call another actor an animal, I want this one to be worth the multiplex moolah.

The promo looks slick even though it lacks the Munnabhai touch to it but then Aamir is not another Munnabhai and 3 Idiots is the most anticipated film of the year. The film hits theaters worldwide on December 25. That’s a lot of time. For now I’ll keep an ear on the soundtrack release.

My first Facebook Application: OyeLetsGo!

my first facebook application

I am supposed to come up with something for a Summer Training project. I can’t bang my head into Java (that’s actually what I am supposed to do) so I decided to play with Facebook instead. After a little reading and a lot of head banging I am finally there! All that time spent earlier on developing in PHP, MySQL and JavaScript finally paid off. The application is for movie reviews. I plan to integrate it with an upcoming venture in the future especially when Facebook Connect has been announced. The application is still in an Alpha stage. A lot of work needs to be done. That’s on my agenda for the entire next week. Wish me luck!

Facebook calls up Orkut, again!

Facebook Hey there buddy!
Orkut Namaste, Namaskaram, Vanacumm…uhhh Mmmm…
Facebook OK! OK! I get it!
Orkut Ah! Just lost in translation!
Facebook Yeah whatever! So how are things going dude?
Orkut Pretty cool! Hey you know we got some cool themes!
Facebook Those make you look like a cheap hooker dude. Really!
Orkut What do you know about good looks?! Huh!
Facebook Actually I just had a cosmetic surgery.
Orkut You look like shit now!
Facebook No. I’ve become more accessible and easy to use!
Orkut Crap! I still get stuck while navigating…
Facebook That’s mainly due to IQ problems.
Orkut What? What is that?
Facebook Forget it. So how are the apps coming along?
Orkut Really cool! We have better apps than you do!
Facebook Is that so? I’ve heard you got some miserable apps there.
Orkut Where? Ah! Well they do get a bit buggy at times…
Facebook You got problems mate! So hows India getting along?
Orkut Too hot…too damn hot here man!
Facebook Grab a drink mate. I gotta get back to work now!
Orkut Yeah….I should also get back to work. Oh wait…
Damn! Hey dude…you still there? My server just
crashed…again…we could chat for a while…my Indiangineers are trying
to work it out……dude?

When Facebook met Orkut!

Facebook Hey dude!
Orkut Vadacum my dear friend, vadacum!
Facebook Hey what was that?
Orkut I just shifted base to India. So just trying to Indianize myself!
Facebook Yeah I can smell the curry and chicken tikka tandoori already.
Orkut Hey you know we launched the much awaited Application feature on Orkut recently.
Facebook Huh!
Orkut And we’re constantly adding more features every day.
Facebook Oh! You mean new bugs everyday!
Orkut What do you mean bugs?
Facebook I mean those tiny new things you call ‘features’, you add these things every single day and most of these are just bugs!
Orkut You’re just j….j…..jealous….oh wait…Bad Bad Server! No donuts for you! No No!
Facebook There you go again!
Orkut Alright! I’m fine now! You see I’m still in Beta!
Facebook You’ve lived in beta. You’ll die in beta Orkut!

Sneak Preview: Orkut’s upcoming App Feature!

Orkut new applications downloadThe social networking scene is too overcrowded today. Even the next door Chunnu Munnu are proud owners of a self constructed social network and aim to make it to the billionaires list one day. Facebook, MySpace and Orkut have evolved so much over the past couple of years that they have left behind networking like Friendster, Hi5 etc. crying. Orkut is believed to be very popular with Indian users while Facebook is now picking up. With the growing trend of people getting hell bored with Orkut in a little time and with nothing much to do other than sitting back and waiting for scraps to arrive, Orkut took the step ahead to open itself to the world of developers.

Facebook possesses that fun element where you can do just more than staring at other’s private photos or adding girls you don’t know to your friends list. You could simply sit there all your life having fun interacting with a lot more people in a neat and simple way by using the tons of applications available with Facebook. All this time Orkut had simply laughed off at the mere idea of having an API. They were too proud of their ‘scraps’ getting popular. Orkut opened itself to developers a little time ago and is coming up with the applications developed by nerds from across the globe in a couple of weeks.

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