Microsoft buys Skype. Now what?

skype microsoft buyout

Unless you’re living inside a cave (or a large luxury compound) you must be aware of the news that Microsoft has bought Skype. The deal which went through today would cost Microsoft $8.5 billion. The official announcement is expected very soon though. Apparently the all cash deal is the largest in the history of Microsoft. Facebook and Google were also deeply interested in buying Skype. Microsoft seems to have walked away with the booty and it does sound like a great deal, although it may be too pricey. However Facebook will still get to dip it’s beak into Skype as Microsoft is an investor and a friendly one too.

If we look at what Microsoft could do with Skype, there are plenty of good things to come. Apart from everything else, I’m really interested to see a Skype and Kinect mashup. That would be something really cool. Apart from that Microsoft can really think of kicking some butt using Skype when it comes to competing with Google Voice and Apple’s Facetime.

As for me, I’m expecting frequent updates and security patches for Skype, deeper integration with Microsoft Windows operating system and enterprise level products integration. Another point everyone is still discussing is the price tag, it does seem a bit too much but Microsoft has set it’s eyes on something huge here and let’s see how they can make the most of it. As for Skype’s employees, I wonder how many of them quit tonight.

Thanks to Snaptu, billions of Indians could soon be on Facebook!

Facebook buys Snaptu
Facebook has acquired the Israeli startup Snaptu. The company hopes to close the deal within the next few weeks. Facebook seems to have bought Snaptu for an estimated $70 million. Snaptu brings the world of smartphone application to those who don’t actually own a smartphone. It’s applications allow users to access their social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc. on their Java enable feature phones. Facebook had earlier started collaborating with Snaptu on making a feature phone application for Facebook that would provide an enhanced smartphone-like experience to the end users.
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Facebook V/S Google – My two cents

google facebook clash
The way this world works is when each of us fulfil our own obligation or liability. The system doesn’t work on a single node but it works as a collective result of all the nodes functioning as a cohesive unit.

Back then when Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were trying hard to place a personal computer in every home, it wasn’t just their genius invention that made people go gaga over what cool stuff these machines could do.
It was a result of a combination of hundred of tiny components put together by Steve and Bill, components manufactured by various different suppliers. Imagine a PC without them?
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Facebook Places in India

facebook places in indiaFacebook has been pretty lazy when it comes to rolling out it’s services in other countries especially in India (considering we still don’t have Questions as yet). So I decided to give it a shot and try Facebook Places using a freely available VPN tool. It seemed like a cake walk. Just go ahead and install any free VPN tool, access Facebook’s touch mobile site and use places. Facebook Places automatically picks up the location on the map.

Now here’s the tricky part. While I could bypass Places using a VPN (US based IP address), it somehow detected my location to be exactly where I was (in India of course). Now that’s something you can’t beat and I respect Facebook for this.

facebook places in india

While it may still take some time for Facebook Places to roll out in the country, there is no doubt that it’ll make some impact. FourSquare doesn’t have an official presence here in terms of partnerships but people are happily checking into eating joints, hotels, offices and sometimes their own bathrooms in the hope that someday their mayorship status will bring them some light.

Twitter, Facebook killed the blogging star


It’s almost ironical. Blogs are a big part of the social media and yet microblogging and social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook are potential blogger killers. At least I can say for myself.

Twitter has led to thoughts escaping the mind, followed by a few quick keypad punches on a mobile device and boom! What could have been an entire meaty blog post had just been reduced to a couple of 140 character long status updates on Twitter. All this followed by real-time reactions and mini-discussions from people all over. Twitter is the new quickly-blog-and-get-reactions blogging tool. Or what they call it in the sensible world – microblogging.
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Share your favorite campus moments on Campus Clix

live on campus contest

We all have some precious moments with our friends at college, captured in photographs that speak for themselves. Live On Campus is running an interesting photo challenge on it’s Facebook fan page. All you have to do is upload one or more of your favorite moments with your campus buddies on their wall, tag your friends (if any) and add a description to your photos. The photos with the maximum likes and comments win some exciting prizes which include an action packed adventure trip to Rishikesh (camping and rafting), digital photos frames, large sized prints on photos etc. and even more.
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The Social Network – A Movie on Facebook

Sony Pictures has released the first poster for their upcoming comedy based on the social networking giant Facebook. The movie is titled ‘The Social Network’. The Social Network is based on how Facebook was founded by Mark Zukerberg. The movie’s posters showcases Jesse Eisenberg as Mark.

The film will hit movie theaters this October and is anticipated the be an interesting one. At least for all geeks like us. Not that Mark Zukerberg is popular for all the right reasons but since the movie is tagged as a comedy it’ll be interesting too see some Zukerberg jokes.
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Facebook Launches Simple Privacy Controls. Again.

Facebook has woken up to the recent privacy buzz across the web. Facebook has been accused of providing a mesh of privacy options too hard for a person to control. Some people have even gone to the extent of working on an anti-Facebook solution due to Facebook’s recent privacy fiasco. Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg acknowledged that the earlier privacy settings were indeed complex.
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