Let’s Stop Celebrating Toppers Every Year

The trends are the same every year. You grab the morning newspaper, and you realize high school results are out. Kids can be seen with a big smile on their faces, alongside their parents who couldn’t be happier. The hard work has paid off. The parents’ threats have worked, the kid’s life is supposed to be on track. The relatives are excited, and can’t stop spreading the news.

Just a few blocks away there are other kids. Kids who’ve scored rather decently from their average yearly performance. But they’re not on the newspapers. Their parents aren’t exactly delighted with their results. The relatives either haven’t been informed or aren’t too excited either.

And then there are kids who didn’t make it. For some reason of the other, they couldn’t score enough. Some of them have suicidal thoughts just because of the pressure. The pressure from their parents, from their relatives, from their peers, and just about everywhere.

But why?

Can we stop for a moment? Can we stop celebrating the toppers? Can we sit down for a moment and just take a fucking breath?

I don’t have anything toppers. If you score high enough, you should probably party for a whole week or something. But not at the expense of others. I’d rather push for a nationwide ban on celebrating toppers in the national media.

One school of thought might argue that celebrating toppers might help motivate others to work harder in school. I don’t think it’s working though. I personally didn’t feel motivated during my school time, whenever I saw toppers in the newspapers or on the internet. If anything, it made me want to throw up.

In 2014 alone, failure in the examination was a reason for 2,403 suicides in the country. These are not just school kids, but also include college and further higher education students as well. That’s a massive number.

If you are a student, and you’re reading this, let me be blunt. It doesn’t fucking matter how much you score in exams to be successful or live a decent life. It also doesn’t mean you should drop everything and stop studying. Find your interests, see where you want to go and work hard to accomplish your goals. Failures will only help you become stronger. Talk to your parents, be frank with them and help them understand your goals. Nothing else matters.

We really need to stop celebrating toppers. I say this because I’ve lost someone I knew in my extended circle, someone who was let down by the system because he couldn’t score high enough.