Apple iPhone 3G Prices Announced!

Apple iPhone 3G price in India

AT&T announced the Apple iPhone 3G pricing today. The iPhone 3G is supposed to go on sale in US on 11th July.

New subscribers and legit upgraders will be getting the new 8GB version for $199, or another $100 on top for the 16GB variety. The asking price for current AT&T customers who are not eligible for an upgrade is $399 for the 8GB model and $499 for the 16GB model. contract-free iPhone 3G gets mentioned as well, though there’s no actual commitment to a release date. Pricing goes $599 (8GB) and $699 (16GB).

Prospective customers have already lined up in India. Everyone is interested to know the price of Apple iPhone 3G in India. The iPhone 3G will be sold by both Airtel and Vodafone in India. It’s quite evident that no Indian telecom company shall subsidize the iPhone price in India. The iPhone could be priced somewhere in the premium band of around Rs. 25,000-30,000. Even if Apple is able to get a 1% share of the Indian mobile phone market, it will sell a million iPhones!

The new Apple iPhone 3G is here!

the new apple iphone 3g in india buy now pricesIt’s finally here! Apple launched the much awaited iPhone 3G edition which was previously termed as the Apple iPhone 2. The all new iPhone 3G is cheap, faster, more stable and has a built in global positioning via satellite (GPS). The new phone costs $199 for the 8GB edition which is roughly Rs. 8358 in India. The 16GB version of the iPhone costs $299 and it also comes in white color. The new iPhone also features a charcoal back, solid metal buttons, camera, flush headphone jack, improved audio and a longer better battery life.

Apple iPhone 3G in IndiaThe phone would be available in the US from July 11th and then subsequently in other countries as well. The Apple iPhone 3G would be available in India also later this year. Though the unlocked version of the iPhone is still available in the gray market in India, it doesn’t support all the network features. Thus rendering the iPhone to a mere toy. It was earlier speculated that Vodafone and Airtel might be bringing the Apple iPhone in India but now it’s official. Both the companies are now launching the iPhone around September. I’m not quite sure if it will be the 3G version since we don’t really have 3G here in India. The telecom operators and the TRAI is still dumb over the issue and the only place 3G is available in India is on government documentation. Now the big question is, will you buy the Apple iPhone 3G? For me it will depend on how Vodafone and Airtel roll it in India. The network access pricing as well as EDGE plans are all crap right now. Moreover you end up choking on GPRS speeds on EDGE enabled networks in India. The iPhone is surely sexy enough to make me wanna buy it but dude, where’s the 3G yaar?!

Here are some snaps from the keynote and the new Apple iPhone 3G!
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