New iPad Coming To India – Prices and Availability

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[quote_right]Apple will launch the new iPad in India on 27th April with a sensible price tag![/quote_right]Apple is finally launching its new iPad (or what you might call iPad 3) in India on April 27th. The third generation tablet from Apple will launch in 11 additional countries apart from India in April this year. While fanboys have already managed to get their hands on the new iPad, thanks to their connections abroad, others have been buying the new iPad on eBay at a premium.

The new iPad seems to have been priced quite sensibly. The 16GB Wi-Fi model shall cost Rs. 30,500 while the 3G/LTE models would be slightly more expensive. 4G is yet to launch fully in India, Airtel did a soft launch in Kolkata recently but there are still no signs of a possible date on when a nationwide network shall be ready.

For most of us, including me, the new iPad with Wi-Fi would make a decent choice. I’ve never really thought of the iPad as a true mobile device. It isn’t something I would carry around with me all the time. That also puts the expensive tablet device from Apple into the luxury segment, at least for me.

Come 27th April, you’ll be able to buy the new Apple iPad in India at any of their authorized retail stores at the following prices. It would be interesting to see how eBay sellers react to this, I am really expecting price cuts and probably even killer discount deals on eBay listings for the new iPad in India.

New iPad Prices in India


iPad 16GB 32GB 64GB
Wi-Fi 30,500 36,500 42,500
3G + WiFi 38,900 44,900 50,900


Tradus Starts Selling New iPad In India

ipad 3 price in india

While we wait for Apple to officially launch the new iPad in India, Tradus has started selling the ‘iPad 3’ 16GB Wi-Fi on its site. The listing clearly indicates that it is indeed the new iPad and not a Chinese knockoff. The iPad is priced at Rs. 36,799 ($740). Now that is over $200 than the US price tag of $500. Of course even the official pricing for the new iPad in India would be somewhat along these lines.

new ipad 3 in india

Tradus has also magically declared the retail price of the new iPad in India to be Rs. 39,990 ($800). There’s still no word from Apple India about a possible launch date and of course the new iPad price tags are still not officially announced. It seems like Tradus isn’t directly selling the new iPad on its site. Their retailer is Cart2India Pvt. Ltd. They’re also well known sellers on eBay India. They charge a heavy premium to import products from US which are usually unavailable in India.

This happens with most Apple products when it comes to third world countries like India. The official launch takes some time while fanboys and enthusiasts use their resources, mostly friends and relatives abroad, to get their iPads and iPhones quicker. No wonder the smuggling games keep on getting bigger and bigger.

The New iPad is Hot! Or Not?

new ipad heating issues

The new iPad is hot. No, I mean it’s literally hot. Reports claim that Apple’s third generation iPad goes up to 10 degrees hotter than the iPad 2. No, you don’t need to throw your new iPad into the freezer and it certainly won’t burn your hands. The peak temperature is still within Apple’s operating temperature limit.

As expected, Apple maniacs and critics will blow this out of proportion. Remember the iPhone 4 antennae issues? This isn’t half as serious. People love to quickly discover flaws in their devices. Everyone wants to be the first one to report an issue that could bring some sort of magical change to this world.

Apple has already responded in a typical badass-like attitude. As per Apple, the new iPad is not too hot to blow up the planet so quickly. So everyone, calm the *bleep* down.

The New iPad Launch in India

ipad 3 india

Update: Apple has announced the new iPad will arrive in India officially on 27th April. Prices and availability here.

[quote_left]When will the new iPad launch in India? What will be the price? Let’s see![/quote_left]It’s out! Apple’s new iPad or what everyone thought it would be called, the iPad 3, is out in the market. As expected Apple fanboys and tech enthusiasts were seen lined up, all shiny and excited at the launch of the new iPad outside Apple stores all over. Let me clap for all you guys and girls. You are all so lucky, no seriously.

Being a third world country, India doesn’t get to see the new iPad so soon. May be it’s because Apple thinks a billion people aren’t good enough for their awesome devices. May be not. May be I’m being too impatient right now. Whatever.

The fact is, Apple products do finally get to smell the Indian air but it’s only after a couple of months. By that time most fanboys already source their stuff from relatives abroad. I have reasons to believe that’s the most preferred and ideal way to buy Apple products for Indians.

If you think about pricing, of course Apple cannot price the new iPad or in fact any of their products the same as in United States. There is a heavy duty involved and like all good boys, we must work harder so we can afford to buy the new iPad and other sugary Apple products and make the government richer.

Coming down to serious business, Apple’s new iPad may launch in India around April-May. The iPad 2 was officially launched in India on 28th April last year. Optimistic tech enthusiasts and Apple-crazy fanboys are expecting a similar launch period for the new iPad (iPad 3rd generation). We’re still not very clear about any specific announcement on the date of the new iPad launch in India yet.

The iPad 2 pricing has gone down from Rs. 29,500 to Rs. 24,500 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model. The new iPad may be priced along the same lines as the iPad 2 since it carries the iPad 2 pricing only. So expect an official price tag of Rs. 29,000-30,000 when the new iPad launches in India.

Update: Apple has announced the new iPad will arrive in India officially on 27th April. Prices and availability here.

The New iPad

The new iPad is amazing. It’s gorgeous in every aspect. It’s insanely usable and it’s the best tablet in the market. I can go on and on until you get sick of my love for Apple and their products. The fact still remains, if I had to sum up Apple’s new iPad (3rd generation) I would just say that it is the most usable tablet in the market. If Steve was alive, he’d say ‘it just works’. And that’s so true!

You’ve probably gone over the specifications by now so I’ll just go through them here. The new iPad has Retina Display, the most advanced display in a mobile device. Apple had retina display on the iPhone 4 and then the iPhone 4S. Now it’s the iPad’s turn to get amazingly mind blowing graphics. What does it mean for you? Angry Birds in super high resolution, better ways to show off those photos you shot on the DSLR, watch HD movies on the go and better for reading books and comics.

new ipad 3

[quote_right]100s of tablets launched all this time and none of them could put the iPad in trouble. The post-PC wars have just begin, all over again.[/quote_right]The new iPad has a new processor too. The A5X is an improved A5 chip with quad-core GPU (mind it, it’s GPU and not CPU) to power that insane number of pixels and still keep the battery to a 10 hour back up. Apple can do magic. It’s true! Everyone is speculating whether the new iPad has 1GB of RAM. Well I hope it does!

The iSight camera on the iPad can take 5MP still photos and it can record full HD 1080p videos. This is something I don’t really think I care about. An iPad is the last thing I’ll use for shooting videos or taking photos. If you haven’t already tried, do this – go to a public place and try and shoot photos with your iPad or any tablet. You’ll get death stares at the rate of 10*p where p is the number of people present there. It’s not just that, holding the iPad and taking a photo is awkward enough, you can’t even take a proper shot. It’s ridiculous!

The new Apple iPad also features LTE. A total of zero people give a damn here in India. Apple claims that the new iPad has support for almost all networks across the world.

Apple has also changed the naming scheme of the iPad devices. Starting from the 3rd generation iPad, the iPad will no longer include a number in the device’s name. So the next iPad will still be an iPad and same for the iPad next to that and so on. Initially it didn’t make a lot of sense and it resulted in analysts and tech pundits ripping their heads off trying to come up with a possible explanation.

apple new ipad

It’s quite simple actually. Apple has done what it does with it’s other devices – iMacs, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iPod etc. The names would eventually confuse the users once you get to the 10x stage of iteration. It’s much better to stick to a consistent branding and for Apple it makes all the sense in the world considering they have relatively very small number of product models. It’s not rocket science that the same shall be applied to the iPhone 5 when it launches. Err…I mean the new iPhone.

[quote_left]Now if you were looking for wings on the new iPad, sorry you’re going to be a little disappointed here.[/quote_left]Talking about what we didn’t get, there’s no Siri on the iPad. Not at all. You just cannot pass your time talking to a virtual assistant when you’re bored out of your lives. It does include Dictation which lets you type using voice to text. The new iPad is also a little heavier than the iPad 2. Almost all other expectations were fulfilled pretty well by Apple. Now if you were looking for wings on the new iPad, sorry you’re going to be a little disappointed here.

The new iPad is priced exactly same as the iPad 2 lineup. The 16GB WiFi version costs $499 while the 32GB and the 64GB ones are prices at $599 and $699 respectively. Good news is that the iPad 2 will be $100 cheaper than earlier. That’s great for people like me who couldn’t afford it. But with the new iPad out, I don’t think I even want to buy the iPad 2.

Overall the new iPad has all the juice it needs to beat the shit out of all the other tablets in the market. Samsung and other tablet manufacturers have some serious thinking to do right now. 100s of tablets launched all this time and none of them could put the iPad in trouble. The post-PC wars have just begin, all over again.

The Evolving Indian Mobile Phone Buyer

[quote_left]For one, people weren’t asking for a Nokia phone. It’s true that Indians have worshiped Nokia like the Goddess of mobile phones for a long time.[/quote_left]The last time I walked into a local mobile phone store here, I could notice a significant change in the way people bought their phones. Now India is a huge country. A billion people just cannot fit into a single category of cell phone buyers. Everyone has their own needs and budget is one of the most important reasons for making a final choice here. Don’t worry I’m not going to write a thesis on the types of mobile phone buyers in India here. I’m only going to explain the segment I particularly found interesting.
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iPad 3 And A Cheaper iPad 2 Expected On March 7

ipad 3 launch

[quote_left]Apple’s next iPad is almost here. The rumors mills are working overtime and it smells tempting as usual[/quote_left]

Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPad on March 7. Apple sent out invitations(above) which sparked off rumors of all sorts. Everyone is expecting the iPad 3’s features to go as far as curing cancer and controlling imaginary unicorns. Jokes apart, the iPad 3 is expected in the usual 16GB and 32GB models. It would be a decent upgrade over the iPad 2.

As per Digitimes:

The iPad 3 is expected to have a 9.7-inch Full HD QXGA panel with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 (264dpi) and its backlight module will adopt two LED light bars.

What is surprising is that a cheaper version of the iPad 2 is also expected to launch at the same event. The 8GB iPad 2 is believed to be Apple’s weapon to combat cheaper tablets in the market as well as gear up for Windows 8 based tablets that are expected to be cheap. Personally, I don’t think Apple gives a damn about Windows 8 tablets.

Waterproof Smartphones Might Save The World!

waterproof smartphone

How many times have you dropped your smartphone in water and seen a 500 dollar note floating like a dead kitten? That’s just warranty saying, ‘goodbye and good luck now’. Seems like it’s all going to change soon. A company has already impressed the likes of Samsung and Apple at CES 2012 that makes your smartphones, wait for it, waterproof.

The technology, called HZO, applies a shield of water-repelling properties inside a phone or any electronic gadget for that matter. The end result? Drop the phone in a fish tank and it won’t hurt you! This isn’t something new either. Motorola has been selling phones that are waterproof, dustproof and at times even buyer-proof.

What would be really interesting to see is that Samsung or even Apple buying the whole idea. I really want to see this on the next iPhone. Who doesn’t want a superhero smartphone that won’t start crying when it’s wet?