The End Of An Indian iPhone 4S Dream

iphone 4s in india

It’s almost two hours past midnight and the iPhone 4S has officially gone on sale here in India. Just to make myself very clear here, I am not writing this post sitting outside an Apple reseller/Aircel/Airtel store. There are no queues (none reported as yet) outside any official stores. Seems like all the Apple fanboys, including me, are hiding deep inside their quilts. Have we stopped loving Apple? Are we not impressed by the greatest iPhone ever? Well, not really.
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The $99 Tablet Dream

hp touchpad sale

If I could get a ride on a time machine, not much but just a couple of months back, I’d love to get into the tablet business. Am I crazy? Don’t I know Apple is already kicking some serious ass here? Of course. But wait till you hear my plans. I’d love to start my own company that would sell tablets to consumers. We design tablets, get them manufactured in bulk in cheap Chinese factories and let’s just assume we put Android on them.

We keep the launch fancy and spread a little rumor about how awesome our little product is. We manage a few blog posts and a couple of articles in the print media. Launch day – the product is announced at a price tag of $499 with not-so-awesome features that are pretty much standard with every tablet in the market. Why would anyone buy a tablet from a new company? Of course, we don’t want you to buy. Not yet.
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Boatloads of Amazon Android Tablets Coming

amazon android tablet

Amazon is preparing for a war. I really mean it. If you look at recent news reports, Amazon plans to add 3 million tablets to it’s arsenal. These tablets are all Android based and powered by a dual core processor. The 7-inch tablets would mark Amazon’s entry into the tablet market. Apple already has a major chunk of the market, thanks to it’s iPad.
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When is the right time to buy a smartphone?

If you’re a little on the tech side of things, chances are that you’ve been asked this question time and again. You may have asked this question to yourself every time you found yourself in a situation when the smartphone you bought a day before, just got pawned quite badly with a new launch today. This is a universal effect and I call it – smartphone explosion.

It’s not that smartphones didn’t exist in the pre-iPhone era, it’s just that smartphones became so much more relevant with the launch of Apple’s revolutionary mobile product. After the iPhone was launched every company was forced to move their lazy ass. The end result was that they were shipping more and more smartphones and some good ones too.
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Why a less expensive iPhone makes sense?

iphone mini

From putting a personal computer in every home to placing a smartphone in every pocket, Apple has come a long way. Steve Jobs is now all set to give people a taste of what an expensive iPhone really feels like – with a cheaper, most probably stripped down version of the iPhone. The new cheaper iPhone, or what everyone is calling the iPhone Mini, is expected to be much smaller in size and with lesser jaw dropping specifications. With Android sales topping the charts all over, it’s time for Apple to explore the less-expensive-phones market.

The smartphone wars are about to get hotter. Nokia recently married Microsoft to save itself from becoming the Titanic of the mobile phone industry. And why not, it has struggled to keep pace with the ever growing iPhone and Android sales across the globe. Nokia CEO’s memo, which was leaked a little while ago, clearly explained that the Nokia boss has realized that the iceberg may have already hit them. Nokia will openly embrace Windows Phone 7 series and it expects to grab a market share soon enough.
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Hey 2011! Where are the flying cars?

man on moon

2011 is here. I look outside the window from the second floor and I see no flying cars or anything resembling shiny flying objects. They’ve been promising this to us for ages now. I demand all science fiction writers, future predicting pundits and gurus to be taken out of their comfortable penthouses and made to answer my one little question – is this the future?
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Buy Google Nexus S Phone in India

buy nexus one in india

Seems like you can get your hands on the Google Nexus S smartphone in India soon, unofficially of course. Google’s next Android based device is available for a pre-order on Ebay India. The seller is based in India and is promising delivery of the Nexus S by 1 January 2011. The listing seems genuine since the seller does have a 100% feedback on the site. It is currently priced at around Rs. 32,999. Although the seller hasn’t mentioned whether it’ll be the unlocked version, it doesn’t really matter since Google has declared that it will be selling both locked and unlocked versions of the Nexus S.
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Download and Install Android 2.2 on Motorola Droid

android 2.2 froyo on droid

Feeling bad for your Droid? While others are enjoying Android 2.2 (Froyo) on their slick smartphones and you’re stuck with the old one. Well worry no more. Now can download and install Android 2.2 Froyo on your Droid devices. The good folks at MyDroidWorld have come up with the Android 2.2 ROM for Droid users. They’ve also laid down simple instructions for you to install the ROM on your Droid.
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