Zen And The Fancies Of A Technology Lover

I have had a love-hate relationship with technology ever since I first started using the PC. Back then, I was a curious little kitten who had just started using the Internet. To me it was like being on a boat, all by myself, with so many different places to discover. Each one lead to another, and then more.

Over the years the amount of baggage I have acquired — both in terms of software and hardware — is huge. In the software part I would add all the data that comes with these apps and media. In the hardware part I would add everything from wireless routers to tiny pieces of antennae I thought would make my life better.

The real question of the hour is — is the trade off worth it?

I would answer the question in a diplomatic manner, both yes and no. Yes, because you get so much more that wasn’t going to be possible otherwise. No, because you come to a point in life where everything is just meaningless beyond a certain limit.

How do you deal with it? I started beating the stress with selling off all my accumulated worth of hardware products to my friends. There were products they couldn’t buy because they didn’t feel the need, so I tried to sell them off to just about anyone. You can just buy and sell in Bangladesh using a number of online classified websites.

Another interesting tit-bit I discovered was getting rid of the data. I started removing apps, uninstalled entire chunk of temporary data files that had been accumulated on my PC and mobile devices — and I didn’t even miss anything. It feels a whole lot lighter.

Wireless routers, modems, antennae, laptops, desktops, mobile devices like phones and tablets, are all a part of the bigger ecosystem we like to call the Internet. At first all these devices seem necessary and we laugh at the idea of the baggage they create in our lives. Shedding some part of it by giving it away or completely selling some of them helps keep the sanity levels in check, in your life.

So the next time you come to a point in your life where you start wondering what went wrong, look at the emotional, technological, and other baggage you have accumulated in your life. Sell what you don’t need, give some away to your friends, and start living a minimal lifestyle. You’ll have more money, time, and energy to do other things in life that demand your attention.

This is a post by Adelah Shah who lives and works in Bangladesh as a freelance photo journalist. She is currently working on her book that is based on minimalism. She’ll be regularly contributing to our blog in the near future.

99Labels Selling Fake Apparel

While group buying sites aka Groupon clones are on the rise in India, I have reason to believe that not each of them is going to survive. Not unless they follow the basic rule of taking care of quality and good customer support. One of these is 99Labels. I recently purchased a Wrangler top from them from one of their sales. Getting straight to the point – the top is messed up completely after the first wash. Now 99Labels, which promises that they sell genuine branded products, has some questions to answer. How does a branded top lose it’s charm right after the first wash?

99labels complainy

How the top looked after the first wash

The only reason I can make out of this situation is that 99Labels is selling fake apparel. In a country like India, this isn’t quite far from impossible. I just cannot believe that Wrangler would make something as cheap as this. On contacting their customer support, a 99Labels representative has the following to say:
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Movie Review: I Hate Luv Storys

i hate luv storys review

Karan Johar , Imran Khan, Sonam ‘A’ Kapoor, the names themselves are big to lure the audience to watch the much anticipated movie of 2010- I Hate luv Storys, or IHLS. The movie is a so called love story between the protagonists, Jay (Imran Khan) and Simran (Sonam Kapoor) who meet while collectively working for a love story specialist director Veer Kapoor (Sameer Soni).
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The Twittversary

twitterThis post is a dedication on my completion of one year on Twitter as an active but not a verified account! Twitter, a social networking and a microblogging site took the world by a storm after hi5, Orkut, Myspace, Facebook and full length blogging. After having accounts on Orkut and Facebook, well…the ascent was obvious. So I finally joined twitter on 26th may, 2009. There is a story behind it too.

Being a girl I am expected to be jealous. And I was jealous of twitter *hides face*. Jealous because @hary_jerry used to tweet a lot and it made me wonder what the hell this was which was intruding our lives so much. I considered twitter as a second girl in @harry_jerry’s life. Every time he used to utter the word ‘twitter’ or ‘tweet’, I used to fret and fume like anything. So finally out of curiosity I signed up on twitter after a much brainstorming for the twitter handle, and finally agreed with myself on the name @morphiine because first of all it’s the word that finds mention in chemistry, is addictive and its over dosage can kill. I instantly agreed with the addictive and killing by over dosage part as (I made out the highly narcissist reason later for choosing this handle) it clearly portrays my personality. Finally I started to tweet. It was bit difficult to get used to the idea of what following and followers meant, how you @ anyone you want to reply to and most of all WHAT to tweet actually. The idea is, to tweet any damn thing if you know how to press keys.

One year down the line of tweeting, I can call myself, if not an addict then surely glued to it. I still wonder that what is it that makes people want to tweet so much! It’s the idea of tweeting that keeps everything going. Twitter has a language of its own, people is #tweeple, hugs become #twugs, meet up is #tweetup, matrimony #twittmony and anniversary #twittversary , pictures posted become twitpic and many more. Well for the outcome part I learnt to use #hashtags which can be as stupid at times as #Iamaddictedtostupidhashtags. Got the meanings of #TGIF (thank God its Friday ) #WTF #FTW (for the win ), CLT (currently listening to). Been a part of trends like #nowplaying #iconicindianads #musicalmonday etc. and the greatest achievement was to attend a #chdtweetup (Chandigarh meet up) .

With a new celebrity joining it every day, and people joining as to find out why celebrities are joining, the trend is definitely catching up. Having a twitter ID is in vogue these days. The day isn’t far when everyone, just everyone will have a twitter profile. By the way, if you haven’t signed up yet, what are you waiting for?! Do get a profile before 2012. Hope to see you following soon! *winks*

Editor’s note: You can catch up with Navneet on Twitter here. You can also check out her #Twittversary hash tag here. BTW congrats and thanks a lot for being on Twitter lady. You make my life a lot easier!

MISTAKES MAKETH MAN- but his own !!!

mistakes maketh man

A kid, about six yrs old came home crying. After being asked what happened he told that he tripped over the stones on the road while playing and got hurt badly. His mother caressed the poor soul and just to make him feel better assured him that she would take care and ask the stones and the road, and beat them up. The child smiled again. This entire episode was witnessed by the child’s 12 yr old brother. He too was feeling bad as his younger brother got hurt. Both of them got a friendly lecture from mom regarding staying away from the road as vehicles run there and can be dangerous….!
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The Obsession ‘us’!

obsession about ourselves

We all call ourselves social, humans (well with what all humanity is left in all of us) the social beings. But even after living in a social mode…we are mainly obsessed with ourselves only. We go to a social gathering, what matters to us is how are we looking. Our eyes start seeing others only when we have satisfied ourselves with the answer that either we r looking the best or worst of all. We reach out to a group photograph and first thing we see is us. How many of you have seen someone else before you in such a situation?! I bet not even the guy/girl you have a crush on!
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Well…as promised to Harry, here is my first ever blog post and to begin with, all what I write or ever wrote for my college magazines, dad’s college magazine (yes I did get my article published in someone else’s name lately..!!) and last but not the least for myself, I dedicate them all to the almighty, family, to you harry and to my friends.
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