Windows Phone 7 – My Latest Crush

Thanks to my cousin, I finally got my hands on a Windows Phone 7 device today. He recently bought a Samsung Focus smartphone and upgraded to Mango. I decided to play around with the device for some time and do a little experiment of my own. I told myself I would look at it from an end user’s perspective who is simply a casual smartphone user. Given that the user does have a prior exposure to both iPhone and Android based phones.

windows phone 7

My first impression of the Windows Phone 7 device has been really good. Microsoft has done a great job as far as the user experience is concerned. You really don’t need to be a smart ass to figure out how to get started and set up your phone the first time you turn it on. From there on, be it firing up the applications or getting around the phone’s settings – everything is a painless operation. You don’t need to be a nerd to get around. Something iPhone users are promised. This does put Windows Phone 7 above Android in certain aspects.

What I am really looking forward to right now is how Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 device would be rolled out. I suppose it’s due some time next year. If Nokia can get it right, it has everything it needs to strike back with smartphones that actually make sense. Not that I’m writing off any of their current so called smartphone devices in the market, I just feel they have the potential to go a really great job. With a partnership with Microsoft in their kitty, next year looks quite promising for Nokia.

As for my little experiment, Microsoft and Samsung have sold me Windows Phone 7, totally. I couldn’t find any noticeable flaws in the device but then I am sure there would be some issues that would crop up if I use the device for a longer period of time. But then that’s the case with any smartphone out there. It usually happens like a marriage. At first you’re so excited and only after a spending some time with your spouse, you realize it’s just getting more and more boring and hence you point out more flaws.

Windows Phone 7 is certainly here to stay, let’s see how it goes.

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  1. This is one of the worst fanboy article I ever come across.  Next time, do post the disadvantages about the WP7  Mango like to NO usb support, no 2G/3G settings, you need to go to diag mode with some code to change it. No tethering support without modding it again and the list goes on. Good luck fanboy!!!!!

    1. Hey Neeraj! Two things – One, this is not really a fanboy article. I’m not a fanboy yet. Two, this is just a first impression. If you’d read the above article a bit more carefully you’d realize I spent very little time with the device 🙂 

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