Will You Wear An Apple iWatch?

apple iwatch

The rumors of Apple making a smart watch aka an iWatch are not new. They came, they spread and then they went where all rumors go when they die. But now they’re back again. This time there’s an Intel(ligent) twist to the speculations. A report claims that Intel may be working with Apple on building and shipping the iWatch by March 2013.

Fresh rumors suggest that the Apple smart watch may make use of Bluetooth 4.0, which is far less power consuming, to pair the iWatch with iOS devices. That along with a 1.5-inch display to show you the time, in style. There’s hardly anything else that the speculations reveal, no hardware details at all. Of course that means this might be one of those Barbie-rumors.

Tim Cook recently suggested that they had a keen interest in solving real problems especially in the living room. While that may suggest an Apple TV or something else but it won’t be surprising if Apple also reveals a smart watch capable of pairing with all existing Apple devices, especially iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. They might as well release a new generation iPod Nano that is specifically sold as a watch.

The real question now is will you wear a smart watch? Let me paraphrase that – will you wear an Apple smart watch? I’m not really a watch guy. I think people who wear wrist watches do it mostly for the fashion statement rather than keeping a tab on the time. For these people, a smart watch would be a nerd tool rather than a fashion statement. You wouldn’t wear a smart watch with a 1.5-inch LCD display to a formal dinner party. That space is already taken by fancy watches.

The Apple smart watch will appeal to nerds and enthusiasts especially existing Apple customers. I wouldn’t mind a $50 smart watch that works as an extension or a remote for my existing Apple purchases. In fact it would be nice to have something that keeps a tab on the time as well as my devices in the house. If anything it would serve as a great tool to control multiple devices. But then may be I’m asking for too much from something that obviously still vapor.

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