Why I Might Buy A Samsung Galaxy S 4?

samsung galaxy s4

I’m a Punjabi and I love my food. That’s a fancy way of saying I love greasy food that might clog my arteries one day. Enjoying food laced with butter and desi ghee makes it harder to use a smartphone. I always have to run to clean my hands (paper towels just won’t do it) so that I can check that all important e-mail, a mention to my tweet or what my relative abroad thinks about my photo on Facebook. It’s hard being a Punjabi.

Samsung’s recently launched Galaxy S 4 lets users perform certain actions by just hovering over the screen. So that way once doesn’t need to get the screen all dirty and can still use the device. That’s like the perfect thing for us, Punjabis. Now I can enjoy paranthas as well as my smartphone at the same time. This is probably the only reason I might buy myself a Galaxy S 4.

Reminds me of this funny video these guys did, a parody on the iPhone – iPhone 22G.

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