Waterproof Smartphones Might Save The World!

waterproof smartphone

How many times have you dropped your smartphone in water and seen a 500 dollar note floating like a dead kitten? That’s just warranty saying, ‘goodbye and good luck now’. Seems like it’s all going to change soon. A company has already impressed the likes of Samsung and Apple at CES 2012 that makes your smartphones, wait for it, waterproof.

The technology, called HZO, applies a shield of water-repelling properties inside a phone or any electronic gadget for that matter. The end result? Drop the phone in a fish tank and it won’t hurt you! This isn’t something new either. Motorola has been selling phones that are waterproof, dustproof and at times even buyer-proof.

What would be really interesting to see is that Samsung or even Apple buying the whole idea. I really want to see this on the next iPhone. Who doesn’t want a superhero smartphone that won’t start crying when it’s wet?

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