iPad 3 And A Cheaper iPad 2 Expected On March 7

ipad 3 launch

[quote_left]Apple’s next iPad is almost here. The rumors mills are working overtime and it smells tempting as usual[/quote_left]

Apple is expected to announce the next generation iPad on March 7. Apple sent out invitations(above) which sparked off rumors of all sorts. Everyone is expecting the iPad 3’s features to go as far as curing cancer and controlling imaginary unicorns. Jokes apart, the iPad 3 is expected in the usual 16GB and 32GB models. It would be a decent upgrade over the iPad 2.

As per Digitimes:

The iPad 3 is expected to have a 9.7-inch Full HD QXGA panel with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 (264dpi) and its backlight module will adopt two LED light bars.

What is surprising is that a cheaper version of the iPad 2 is also expected to launch at the same event. The 8GB iPad 2 is believed to be Apple’s weapon to combat cheaper tablets in the market as well as gear up for Windows 8 based tablets that are expected to be cheap. Personally, I don’t think Apple gives a damn about Windows 8 tablets.

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    1. iPad 3, as per the rumors, will be available at the same price as iPad 2. iPad 2’s prices are expected to fall. Everything would be clear in a couple of hours from now.

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