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[quote_right]There are now more startups than Mc Donald’s outlets around you. How do you keep a track of all of them?[/quote_right]I keep signing up for startups all the time, so much that I keep losing track of them. If a startup actually ends up becoming an essential tool for me, I’ll remember the name/URL to go back and keep using the app/site. Or I’ll pull my lazy ass to work towards searching for the link.

The case with startups is that they don’t have obvious names. That-awesome-bookmarking-app won’t be named such. Same for that-brilliant-photo-app, this-app-can-freeze-my-brain which are more likely to be named horse-shit-ify/rr/ra/ss/psss or something even more weird. To add insult to injury, they don’t always have the obvious .com domain name extension either. So horse-shit-ify isn’t really horseshitify.com, it might as well be horse.shit.i.fy or something.

What most startups do is that they send you a welcome e-mail with some sugary text and links to hypnotize you back to the site. That’s good. But not all startups do that. In that case it is next to impossible to go back to the site. Now that sucks for the app developers who’ve worked hard on adding new features, the ones that could be awesome for me.

What really needs to be done is, simple:

  • Make sure you send a short and snappy welcome e-mail to the user.
  • If the user doesn’t come back to the site, say for like 15-20 days, now let’s assume he didn’t get abducted by aliens, let’s send him a follow up e-mail asking him to check out the new stuff on the site or something as simple as a feedback.
  • Make sure to include an unsubscribe button on all your e-mails. This is so awesome for geeks.
  • Of course, don’t spam.


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