Before you go any further, let me alert you – this is a brain fart. You would regret wasting the 3-4 minutes you spent on this blog post once you’re done reading it. So if you’re a busy person, step back right now. If you’re still reading this, gosh you really are, carry on at your own risk.

When we’re little we are told how we must always respect time. Time waits for nobody and we should learn to be punctual and respect others’ time. Of course all that is true. So why am I suddenly so worried about time? Seems like time management is one of the most valuable lessons they teach you in schools.

When your teacher in primary school told you to finish your assignments before the end of class, it meant you should finish them just before the bell rang. There was no way out as your brain was programmed in such a way that your only chance of escape was to finish scribbling those alien like letters so that the teacher would let you go out and play.

As time passed the same thing was taught year after year in middle and high school. Only the complexity and the value of time increased. Or if I may correctly say, it multiplied. Yet somehow we always found a way, a loophole in the system to escape the restrictions and beat time to it’s own game. As it turns out, you cannot beat time – time beats you.

A couple of years after high school you realize the potential of time when you’re in college. You cannot drag things forever and everything needs to be shaped into a final product at the end of the semester. If only it was made clearer to our nut sized brains that all they’re trying to say is that time is f’ing important.

Sooner or later you realize when they said ‘time waits for no one’ they meant business. Be it the years you spent acquiring skills, learning new languages or even spending the 5 odd minutes reading this nonsense-filled blog post, time is always a constraint, an important metric. No wonder time machines have always been our biggest fantasy.

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