Grammar Nazis At Work

grammar nazi at work

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a pretentious pedant myself when it comes to grammar. And I can get very irritating at times. Sue Shellenbarger, writing for WSJ, talks about the increasing number of grammar gaffes at workplaces.

Managers are fighting an epidemic of grammar gaffes in the workplace. Many of them attribute slipping skills to the informality of email, texting and Twitter where slang and shortcuts are common. Such looseness with language can create bad impressions with clients, ruin marketing materials and cause communications errors, many managers say.

So it isn’t really the grammar Nazis’ number shooting up, it’s the number of people who suck at basic grammar skills. In the age of Twitter, Facebook and IMs people have suddenly started taking language for granted. It’s all fine until you send an e-mail to a client that completely changes its meaning.

What we need is a world where people respect basic grammar skills. I’m sure the Grammar Nazis Association would not penalize those who make simple typos and mistakes, we can still live with that. But the next time you confuse ‘their’ with ‘there’ or ‘it’s’ with ‘its’, a grammar Nazi would be born somewhere.

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