Movie Review: The Dirty Picture

the dirty picture

There are a boatload of reasons The Dirty Picture opened to packed houses across the country this weekend. Vidya Balan certainly wouldn’t have been one, if she wasn’t playing Silk Smitha’s character in the movie. Alright I’m not a Vidya Balan fan and every time I see her on the big screen it makes me wanna jump in front of a moving train. So why did the hype get inside my nostrils? Honestly, the movie’s promo did the job. The crisp theme really felt like something worthwhile for Bollywood after a long time.

The Dirty Picture begins with a classic southern touch of Adra Adra Naakka Mukka. The tune screws up the neurons inside your brain and sets the tone of the film instantly. A Bollywood movie makes its mark in the first fifteen minutes and then slowly fades away. The Dirty Picture does the opposite. But then in a weird, weird way.

Without going into deeper details, The Dirty Picture comprises of two parts. The first half is filled with masala to the top while the second half gets a little darker and comes down to the point where you feel for the character Vidya Balan plays.

This movie was supposed to be my one last shot at a Vidya Balan movie. I totally bought Ishqiya just because of Naseerudin Shah and The Dirty Picture too. But one cannot tolerate insanity for the sake of being a fan boy, for long. So this was one chance Vidya had to impress me. And did she succeed? Well…almost. Oh what the heck – she did!

I’m not sure how many of you would agree when I say Vidya Balan is a mommy-actor. She’s someone you’d see playing Amitabh or Shah Rukh’s mom in a movie rather than the lead actress. She did a great job with Paa, she totally deserves all the mommy-roles in Bollywood.

The Dirty Picture changes everything. Vidya Balan had a challenge to face and she came out with flying colors. Playing a character such as this in a Bollywood biopic is an achievement in itself. Vidya did a great job in the first half of the movie, she played her role really well and made the movie worthwhile. It’s the second half that she really took off (or was it just the script?). Anyways Vidya Balan finally showed she’s not just a mommy-actor.

The movie is filled with great performances from just about everyone, be it small or big. I still feel Tushar Kapoor was employed just because of his kid sisters who were a part of the gang behind the scenes. Naseerudin Shah impresses me every single time, Emran Hashmi finally had a role to play where he could concentrate on his lines and acting rather than his lip balm.

A major reason (if this movie really makes it big) is going to be the dialogues. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. Each and every dialogue was so cleverly written and perfectly delivered by the actors. It came as a surprise when I found out the man behind such beautiful work is none other than Rajat Arora. Apart from a bunch of movies, Rajat has also written for CID (yes that darn TV show – now you know where that sense of humor comes from).

On the whole The Dirty Picture will make it big at the box office. The film has been well shot, beautifully written and includes some of the best performances we’ve seen throughout the year. It is not doubt one of the best Bollywood movies of 2011.

Go watch it, NOW!

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