For Consumers iPad is the ONLY Tablet

hp touchpad sales

It’s common knowledge by now. If you say the word tablet, you don’t get any response. Say ‘iPad’ and you’ll see heads turning. Apple’s iPad has done to tablets what it’s iPods did to portable music players. So much that HP is having a hard time trying to sell it’s TouchPad tablets. Apparently Best Buy stocked up on 270,000 of them and has only managed to sell 10% of the inventory. Shame!
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Why a less expensive iPhone makes sense?

iphone mini

From putting a personal computer in every home to placing a smartphone in every pocket, Apple has come a long way. Steve Jobs is now all set to give people a taste of what an expensive iPhone really feels like – with a cheaper, most probably stripped down version of the iPhone. The new cheaper iPhone, or what everyone is calling the iPhone Mini, is expected to be much smaller in size and with lesser jaw dropping specifications. With Android sales topping the charts all over, it’s time for Apple to explore the less-expensive-phones market.

The smartphone wars are about to get hotter. Nokia recently married Microsoft to save itself from becoming the Titanic of the mobile phone industry. And why not, it has struggled to keep pace with the ever growing iPhone and Android sales across the globe. Nokia CEO’s memo, which was leaked a little while ago, clearly explained that the Nokia boss has realized that the iceberg may have already hit them. Nokia will openly embrace Windows Phone 7 series and it expects to grab a market share soon enough.
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N900 is finally launched in India

maemo nokie n900

Rub your eyes guys. Nokia N900 has finally been launched in India. The Linux based mobile phone from Nokia finally made it’s way into the country. Although the price tag will blow a hole in your pocket but we’ll get to that later on. The phone was of course openly available through you-know-what routes in India but now it’s officially out so it’s better you buy one from Nokia directly.
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A Smartphone in every Indian’s pocket

smartphones in india

Indian telecommunications industry is a King Kong when it comes to statistics. I don’t really need to speak in numbers to tell you how big it is and at what phenomenal pace it is continuously growing. Just for the record, there are a little over 628 million telephone subscribers in the country (including landline and mobile phones) as of March 2010. It’s the second largest telecom network in the world and second largest with respect to wireless connections. We’re even set to take on China by outnumbering them in in terms of telecom subscribers by 2019.
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Microsoft Kin One and Kin Two

microsoft kin one and kin two

It’s here! After months of speculation over Microsoft’s code named ‘Turtle’ smartphone, it’s official that Microsoft is coming up with Kin One and Kin Two. The new devices are being manufactured in collaboration with Sharp, just as I expected, and they will be marketed as Windows Phones. Although Kin One and Kin Two will be based on Windows Phone 7, their interface will be highly customized keeping in mind the social tag attached to the devices.
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Symbian Goes the Android Way – Open Source now!

symbian n97
Symbian has finally taken one step further (something we all believe it should have done years ago) and gone open source. The ten year old Symbian platform shall go entirely open source from today. Developers can download, modify and redistribute the Symbian source code from it’s website. It’s believed that the Symbian platform empowers around 330 million mobile devices across the globe.
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Next-gen iPhone Coming This April?

fourth generation iphone

Alright Apple iPhone fan boys here’s a scoop. Reports have it that Apple is indeed coming out with a next-generation iPhone and it might debut as early as April 2010. KT, an exclusive iPhone provider in South Korea, has it’s officials claiming that the Apple iPhone next-gen will feature an OLED screen, a removable battery and video chat apart from other enhancements in software and hardware.

A report in the Korea Times claims that the new iPhone will include a dual-core processor, powerful graphics and an even more powerful camera. In case Apple really bundles it’s new device with dual-core processing capabilities, it might hit the 2 Ghz mark using the much anticipated Cortex-A9 processor design from ARM. Now, is Apple going to take a shift from Google’s superphone to powerphone for it’s latest iPhone? Well time will decide!
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Confessions of a Smartphone Buyer

Apple’s Steve Jobs changed my world the day he announced the iPhone. It was a dream come true. A smartphone that was so cool that you couldn’t resist getting your hands on, iPhone was a brilliant hand held device anyone could ever dream about. There were still some smartphones floating around and some of them were pretty neat too but Apple’s marketing sucked you right into buying the iPhone. So I bought my first smartphone, Apple’s iPhone, three months after it had launched. For an Indian buyer it wasn’t an easy job. I had to buy it on Ebay and then had someone known from US ship it over to me. It did make the iPhone a little more expensive for me but I never complained, who will?!

The day came when I had the iPhone in my hands. There was so much I could do with the iPhone, there was so much I discovered about the iPhone every single day, there was so much that didn’t make sense to me and then there was so much I didn’t even know my iPhone could do. I remember buying applications from the AppStore and using them on my iPhone. The world was so green. I could do so much, I’d flaunt my iPhone to my friends and showed off those shiny applications I bought from the AppStore. It was a perfect smartphone owner life I was living.
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