Photos: iPhone 3G goes butt naked!

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The Apple iPhone disassembled. Cool! More photos here. While here in India, we’re waiting for an iPhone 3G. With nothing much to do we Indians settle with discussing the iPhone 3G prices in India. Almost every geek I meet or talk to asks me the price of an Apple iPhone 3G in India. Give me a break!

24 Replies to “Photos: iPhone 3G goes butt naked!”

  1. Nice title! People are going so crazy about the iPhone 3G here, not just the guys but trust me, the girls want a peice of iPhone too! They don’t know what touchscreen means or if Apple isn’t really a fruit. They want an iPhone because it’s the coolest word around and everyone is talking about it. I bet most of them don’t even know what an iPhone really is! Man I gotta get out of this freakin hostel full of stupid girls!

  2. Whoa! You really need to dump that hostel, girl, coz if they don’t know what the “i” in iPhone means, they are so cerebrally toast!!!

    I am itching to get my hands on the Pink iPhone. Gorgeous enough to kill your grandmother for. And the features are swoon-inducing. Yum!

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